New Years Rollout #2 @ The Deen, Perth (01/01/08)

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We had a huge champagne brunch on New Year’s Day that rolled into a boozy afternoon drinking vodka and so we didn’t arrive at The Deen until very late in the afternoon. I went into the main room to check out the drum & bass. Dub Alley were playing to a very small crowd, maybe only 10 people, but there were still a couple of hard core fans dancing around on the platforms in the middle of the room.

It was a pretty humid day so I didn’t stay inside very long but went out to the breaks arena out the back in the forlorn hope that there might be a bit of breeze flowing through. I really only caught the last 10 minutes of Ninelives the Cat but he was playing some funky tunes and there was a slightly bigger crowd out here.

JHz came on at 6.30pm and in no time at all had managed to get a few tired bodies out on the dance floor, including myself. He seemed very quiet and unassuming behind the decks but this belied the energy of the fantastic beats he was churning out. I was also surprised when Ninelives the Cat picked up the mike and started MCing over a couple of tracks. I didn’t realise he was an MC as well as a DJ. I should probably try reading more bios before I go to gigs.

Very quickly the humidity, my drinking and the little bit of dancing started to take its toll on me and I realised I was going to need food if I was going to make it through the evening. I ducked out into Northbridge for a quick bite and when I arrived back at the Deen, Groove Diggerz had already started playing what I’ve seen described as “his brand of electro fuelled funk” in the breaks arena. I can’t rave enough about the Groove Diggerz. I know I’ve said it before but this guy really does raise the bar for other performers. I was glad I’d taken the time to eat and recharge my batteries because I certainly needed all my energy for the dance floor.

I went to catch up with a friend and found Garnt was cranking out some great tunes in the upstairs bar. He played the Miles Dyson remix of 30Hz’s Daddio while I was up there and also a really funky remix of CJ Boland’s Sugar is Sweeter which I really enjoyed. I think I turned into a yo-yo around this point. One minute I’d be upstairs enjoying the tunes, then I’d race back downstairs again to see what I was missing out on, and then just as quickly head back upstairs.

As a consequence I saw Garnt hand over to Fine China from Mortal Realistiks at 9pm but only saw the start of his set before I went to see Micah playing downstairs. Now there’s a man who must have had an insane schedule over the Christmas/New Year period, but as usual, he had the dance floor jumping. There seemed to be a fair size crowd in the pub by now and kudos to all those who were doing the double header and hanging in there after a big night.

Sometime around this point I switched to drinking beer which went down well at first, but then I made the mistake of buying a pint and not drinking it fast enough. In the humid conditions, it went flat and warm but silly me decided to finish it before getting another one. Bad move. By the time 30Hz came on at 10pm I was feeling very seedy and decidedly uncomfortable. My friends were all busy on the dance floor enjoying themselves while I was busy taking quiet time in the corner.

I wandered out into the main room but the flashing lights and heat in the room really didn’t help matters. I very quickly wandered back out and upstairs where Lyndon was absolutely tearing it up and playing a fantastic set. I also saw one of the funniest sights I’ve seen at a gig. Two of the security guards were standing just inside the door doing some funky little synchronised dance moves. I really had to stop myself from bursting into laughter as I walked past them, but I must have looked like death because they did stop me and ask me if I was OK. I assured them I was feeling alright, but in reality I was feeling very ill so I decided that I’d had enough for the day and went home at about 10.30pm.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get to see the Autobots play again, especially when I heard some of the funny stories the next day. The moral of the story is, don’t drink warm flat beer.

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Dysfunction said on the 13th Jan, 2008

Ive played alongside most of these guys... and I am in agreeance about Groovediggers always raising the bar!! There isnt much that Ninelives the cat cannot do!! Drums, Bass guitar, vocals... the lot!!! JHz is for me the silent but violent warrior... mild