Kink feat. Moguai @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (19/01/07)

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Kink featuring Moguai at Oxford Art Factory: OK, the fact that this party was a blast goes without saying, but before I tell you about how much fun I had lets have a really good look at this particular DJ and his kaleidoscope of talent. With as many aliases as there are days of the week, this German-born musical freak’s real name is Andre Tegeler. However, these are just some of the other hats he can be found under: Dial M, M and Punx. Starting out in small house parties in the early nineties before hitting the local clubs, it wasn’t until the release of the breaks classic U Know Y in 2002 that people started paying real attention. Along with his partner in crime Paul Fuldner they founded their very own studio dubbed the ‘Satellite Ranch’ and even saw platinum sales with the Sugababes version of U Know Y. Under the pseudonym Punx he’s thrown out a whole bunch of dancefloor anthems, but as Moguai he’s formed a tight partnership with Sydney clubbing brand Kink. And last Saturday he was back…

Having seen him a few times before I was busting a gut to hear what tonight had in store. Progressive, techno, house, breaks and electro – it could be all of them if you’re lucky. Not to mention the fact that I was heading to one of Sydney’s newest dance venues, Oxford Art Factory. Situated in the hub of Darlinghurst, this club has won a couple of awards this year just past. Rolling up at about 11pm I noticed the street was a buzz with the eager mumblings of dance maniacs that usually don the streets of Sydney on a Saturday night. That was nothing compared to the crowd that was inside, and with a lineup of locals featuring Ben Morris, Shamus vs Mattt Nukewood, Goodfella vs Brenden Fing and Telefunken, who wouldn’t be up for it? Set in a basement, the space is really quite funky. A massive glass wall separates the two rooms and huge leather lounge chairs in the smaller side room are just what the doctor ordered for a chill out session and a chat. Grabbing a drink from the bar, I hung out in the main room for the majority of the night. Ben Morris was at his usual best and I revved myself up for a thumping set from the headliner at 1am.

With a cheer that could be heard in his home town Moguai took his place and thumped out tune after tune for the next 2 hours. I Want I Need I Love made an appearance along with Too the Rhythm, to name but a few. Sticking along the electro/tech lines, there was something for everyone and the crowd was mesmerized. By the time he finished and the screams of appreciation were being thrown across the room I had danced my little tail off and let out a couple of screams myself; just to let him know I was a happy clubber, of course.

At this point I had a good look around and I became a little disillusioned by the venue itself. The place was deathly hot, somewhat like a Turkish sauna and by the time Shamus and Matt Nukewood took over at 3am, rain was dripping from the walls. In turn more than a few eager punters had disappeared to the street for air. Trying to find a breathable corner I came across a single fan feebly thumping hot air back onto the dance floor. All in all I think this took a way from the vibe of the night a little and by the time the boys were half way through their set the crowd had somewhat dissipated, and it wasn’t too long before I reluctantly joined them mumbling, “Air….. Need air…”

Overall, a blast was had and I have definitely become an Art Factory fan – heat issues aside. If I were you, I’d tune into Moguai’s weekly internet radio show (check out for details) every third Friday in the month and have a house party to end all house parties. Failing that keep your eyes peeled for Kink’s eventual return to weekly parties and get your funky little arses there – it’ll be worth the trip!

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molloyjnr said on the 24th Feb, 2008

Let's not forget to mention kink residents reno and foundation..they played super tunes.