Grrilla Step @ Fringe Festival, Adelaide (26/02/08)

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DJ Dexter of The Avalanches fame expertly leads this collaborative show featuring Dexter’s DMC Champion turntablism, krump and Pacific Islander dancers, the Drum Drum log drumming group as wel las a few choice MCs. In just over an hour we heard an explosive blend of krump, hip hop, funky house beats and tribal Polynesian rhythms. The large crowd did not appear to be your typical hip hop fans, which is testament to the range of music styles and growing popularity of the fusion beats that were showcased.

The stage set up had the decks to one side, a central drum kit and an array of percussive tools including three traditional log drums. A tiny stage in the forefront was suitably duct-taped to show off the ultra-cool dancing styles, which consisted of Melanesian and Polynesian dancers in native dress interspersed with a taste of the krumping movement. Krumping was the show’s highlight, and what I was in the front row to see. Five solid dudes from the Royal Fam crew in Melbourne surrounded the stage twice during the show, casually tag-teaming amazing solo routines. The jerky, chest-popping physical style had the crowd in awe. Photos don’t do these boys justice!

Grrilla Step is short for guerrilla activity, describing the crew’s fight through music and dance for their culture to be recognised and taken seriously. Forget Tom Tom Club for percussive beats, check out the raw energy and cultural diversity of Grrilla Step now before it stomps out of town!

Shows run until March 2nd, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Street.

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