Kink feat. Funkagenda @ The Cross, Sydney (01/03/08)

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When it comes to clubbing in Sydney, many people think of the crazy parties that went on inside The Arthouse every week for years courtesy of long-running night Kink. After the Kink crew bid their farewell to the The Arthouse last year, the name has become less common but we’ve still been treated to a few awesome nights since. The last Kink event featuring Moguai was a huge success at Oxford Art Factory, and on this occasion the popular UK DJ/producer Funkagenda was set to bring us other memorable night.

After battling the hordes of underage people still left on the streets after Mardi Gras on Saturday, I finally arrived at The Cross for my next instalment. I arrived in time to catch Ben Morris’ set, and what kind of Kink night would it have been without seeing their trusty resident in action? Most will know he has evolved a lot in style from his rise in the Sydney dance scene in 2006. His sets used to primarily be house and electro, yet the general style of music played at Kink nights has also strongly evolved. His set was consistently tech house, with a few more accessible tracks breaking it up including Axwell’s I Found You.

Next it was time for headliner Funkagenda, and from the start the acclaimed DJ pumped out an awesome selection of tracks. Funkagenda’s set remained mostly minimal and house, but he mixed it up early with some electro and vocal choices for the crowd. The beats remained deep with playful melodies coming out in his take on Justice’s Phantom II, which was the first tune really engage with the crowd. He also featured an unknown bootleg of Missy Elliot’s Lose Control to keep his set fresh. He then continued with the beat-driven house, and teased early on with his signature What The Fuck, but held off until near the end to drop the entire track. The set became very progressive later on, featuring Sander Van Dorn’s Grasshopper and Dubfire’s classic tune from last year Roadkill, which was brilliantly used to finish up his set.

Much of the crowd did die down after Funkagenda’s set. For those who stayed to see Shamus, they were treated to much of what was already heard throughout the night. His set was very similar to that of Ben Morris, just more of an electro vibe. Unfortunately there were few left for Goodwill and youngsters Matt Nukewood and Brendan Fing’s back-to-back set, yet the DJs continued none the less for the diehard who stuck it out til the end. With such a great local line-up it should have remained more packed, however the weather may have had some part to play with many city-goers forced home early because of the rain.

Compared to Oxford Art Factory, the venue was a much better choice. It was extremely spacious, easy to get around and with better bar service. There was a lack of crowd response for Funkagenda’s set, and everyone else’s for that matter. To me it seemed like many people who attended were probably only doing it for a place to kick on after the Mardi Gras festivities. However, this should not detract from the awesome music and production displayed yet again by the Kink crew: keep it going guys, we’re looking forward to when you resume a weekly residency once again.

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Mylkdup said on the 8th Mar, 2008

Goodwill didnt play kink... After funkagendas said was the one and only GOODFELLA


bushinator said on the 10th Mar, 2008

Didn't know goodwill played that night? Thought it was goodfella???