Sublime feat. Agnelli & Nelson @ Home, Sydney (29/02/08)

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Sublime continues with its summer mission to continue presenting a long line of groundbreaking trance producers. This week Sydney trance fans had the a solid triple dose of quality acts; titled ‘International Airport Mayhem’, it promised to deliver quality music from the four corners of the globe and that it certainly did. The three acts on offer share a wealth of experience and have been main stayers in the trance scene. Agnelli & Nelson are responsible for some of the genre’s biggest classics and have been around for over 10 years, but they had a massive eyar in ‘07 – their remix of Big Sky achieved best track of ‘07 as voted by the listeners on Armin’s A State Of Trance radio show, and the duo has played at all the hottest nights and festivals around the planet for over 10 years now. Also playing on the night was Greg Downey from the UK and Leon Boiler from Holland, the latest in a long line of groundbreaking trance producers to emerge from Dutch scene.

Arriving on the night we swiftly entered the club via friendly security and a quick moving line and soon were immersed in the familiar dark surroundings of the Home main room. Patrick Carrera was already on the decks laying down a warm up set featuring some tasty tunes including the pumping Wippenberg’s Need to Feel closely followed by Duderstadt’s Beatitude. The room was surprisingly quite full by this stage and the mixed crowd was quite different to what many would remember as the old sublime crowd, with some of the punters sporting what could easily be described as an ‘Establishment Bar’ type look. Luckily this didn’t impact the atmosphere, and everyone was already getting quite loose on the dance floor. Carrera went on to lay down some more good tracks but seemed to lose the crowd a little with his eclectic track selection, and most were no doubt anticipating the start of the big three internationals.

Leon Boiler was first up and kicked off an absolutely brilliant set full of quality tracks, mixed to perfection and was without doubt the highlight of the night in my opinion. He smashed through new and old tunes including tracks like Opus III It’s a Fine Day (Leon Boiler Remix), his own Crazy People, Sander Van DoornKing Of My Castle, Nu Nrg Dreamland and his much-loved remix of Bedrock’s Heaven Scent all off which were lapped up by the eager crowd. The vibe throughout his set just kept getting better and better as he built up the uplifting sound that he’s increasingly becoming renowned for, due to recent appearances in many high profiles shows and events. The mixing and layering of the tracks was driving and he kept everyone on the dance floor moving through the whole set. The time simply flew by and before long Rob Nelson was stepping up to the decks.

Rob Nelson, the one half of the duo who made the trip to Australia, kicked off a brilliant set that was jam packed full of huge new tracks and a couple of well placed anthems. The speed of the set was partly dominated by the short set times, but luckily he played on for an extra half an hour much to the delight of fans throughout the venue. Tonight Rob was playing alone with his production partner unavailable for the true he was flying the flag for the Agnelli & Nelson brand. He kicked off the set on a melodic note and quickly worked through some amazing tracks including First State Falling, Cosmic Gate Body of Conflict, Agnelli & Nelson Holding Onto Nothing, Doppler Effect Beauty Hides in the Deep and my highlight of the evening John O’Callaghan Big Sky (Agnelli & Nelson Mix); however, none of their old school classics made an appearance which was slightly disappointing. Nelson finished off a killer set with the classic Solarstone Solarcoaster which was a nice way to end the set.

Next up Greg Downey hit the decks and continued on the solid uplifting vibe that Nelson built up. His mixing was tight and he was working the CDJ fx nicely, but by this time we had one too many drinks and were ready to make a move home. Overall, it was a fun night with a small crowd during the main internationals, but a good vibe and atmosphere created by those who were there. The tunes throughout the night were top notch with a good mixture of classics and latest bombs to tear the room apart each in their own way.

The lighting and visuals were awesome as usual with the current layout working really well for these sorts of nights. In terms of sound it was at a much better level and way less distorted than the last couple of events, so it appears home have sorted some of the sounds issues. It is a real pity that the internationals were given such short sets considering even the warm up set was longer than two of the internationals. But make sure to check out this week’s instalment featuring Markus Schulz and Eddie Halliwell this Friday. See you at the next one!

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