Euphoria @ Brown Alley, Melbourne (15/03/08)

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The very top floor of Brown Alley was where we headed on Saturday night for Euphoria. Climbing the stairs, you could hear and feel the trance tunes as they got closer and closer…

Entering to the room there was a small but enthusiastic crowd, and we were welcomed with the sounds of Melbourne’s own St Luke playing back to back with Algorithm. Next was Mike Nichols, who I was looking forward to hearing after seeing and meeting him on New Year’s Day at Apollo. Checking him out regularly at Stargarden, Mike always plays great tunes, and tonight he was throwing them out once again, bringing a new sound to the scene. At this stage of the night I would have thought there’d be more patrons coming through the venue, as he’s a DJ people normally flock to. The room was holding about 60 people, with most of them hovering around the back at the bar.

Joey Amen, who I’m not too familiar with, played a great set following on, and it proved to be a good lead in to Tenishia. Hailing from Malta, Tenisia absolutely rocked, and got the few people who were there up on the floor, playing great tracks like a mix of ‘Missing’ by Everything But The Girl. Speaking with Joven of Tenishia was awesome, he was very friendly and was saying how he “loved Melbourne” and was “excited to be playing here for the past few months”. He’s soon heading to Adelaide, which he said also rocks, and then he’ll be heading back home to Malta in preparation of touring across Europe this summer. What a life! Joven also mentioned that the night was for a good cause (Beyondblue), and I must agree it was good to see the DJs there showing their support.

Steve Strangis vs Ahmet were up next. Strangis has grown to become one of Melbourne’s longest serving trance DJs. Tonight he played songs from his new demo CD, which I managed to get a copy of. Unfortunately by this stage the crowd had all but left. The night was in aide of a great cause, and all patrons were wearing blue wristbands to show their support for Beyondblue, who were there to raise money and to bring awareness to the growing number of people suffering depression. Now in their seventh year, Beyondblue continue to help many people, for more information on them you should check out

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