Kink pres. The Usual Suspects @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (22/03/08)

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Long weekend. Oxford Street. Kink. Put the three together, and you have got yourself a pretty solid foundation. Throw in an array of some fine homegrown DJ talent, and you quite possibly have quite a Saturday night. This was Kink – and having recently relocated to new digs, I was looking forward to see how the above concepts all mixed together would actually end up turning out.

As I met up with my entourage for the night, we got a bit of Cartel playing some tech house and techno to a pretty small crowd, and for me, everyone appeared to be just a touch flat. I guess it was still early for some. As Saturday became Sunday, and Reno and Foundation got front and centre, they funked things up just a touch, and as the crowd – which had previously been just a touch thin – got just that little bit heavier, so did the beats – and with a remix of Star 69 getting an unsurprisingly solid response, the place lifted. The moves on the dancefloor were varied, to say the least, with some people just chilling back and feeling the groove, others prancing around like they were strung up on marionettes. Hmmm. Each to their own I guess.

Ben Morris stepped up to the plate and things notably went up a notch. There was loads of energy running through the crowd, but similarly behind the decks, as he did everything at a frenetic pace. There were highlights throughout but for me, none other than when he wrapped his set up with Pjanoo from Pryda, a song that has got ‘big’ written all over it. Stupid big. Shamus dropped in with a set that had a bit of everything including a Bucketheads remix, a remix of the Three Drives on a Vinyl hit Greece 2000 and even some sirens, some countdowns, and what sounded like an aircraft taking off. Good times. He wrapped it all up with the cracking and almost timeless Everywhere from John Dahlback, the kind of song that makes you just sit back and take it all in and lap up every minute of it. Awesome. He moved on, as promoter-cum-DJ (or is that the other way around?) Michael Costin together with Matt Nukewood took to the decks and had what looked like a whole lot of fun as they took their turns in banging out some solid progressive house. Good times.

As the night became day, and the crowd began to thin out – it was agreed that a good night had come and gone. Given that the night was about celebrating 5 years of Kink (with a birthday soon to come), familiar faces were everywhere but there were plenty of new ones too, ready to take the torch, and keep running – or shuffling, as it were. As a venue, the Oxford Art Factory rocks, with a great sound system, a great layout, and with the recently installed oversized fans, some pretty decent ventilation. Oh yeah, and the music wasn’t too shabby either.

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sushii said on the 27th Mar, 2008

awesome night. thumbs up to the KINK team. =) 5th birthday is gonna be massive!!