Discourse @ Ffour, Melbourne (19/04/08)

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There is a wealth of talent around Melbourne these days, and corresponding with the quality of DJs there’s also choice nights run by them. One of my favourites is Discourse, run by Nate B, Mike Jules, Nicnac and Dave Juric. For this Discourse the guys were playing in the side room at F4, a good-sized room with great sound.

We arrived just before 1am when Nicnac was due to start. The last time I went to Discourse I missed Nicnac and was keen to catch him. I was duly rewarded! He started with some good hard, loopy techno that was really highlighted with the good sound system. But I enjoyed it even more when he brought it down slightly. Down in pace but not in quality. His mixing and track selection was tight and he made great use of the effects on the mixer. One track in particular that I’m sure he played was the Adam Beyer remix of Mathew Jonson’s ‘Marionette’.

An hour later, it was birthday boy Mike Jules and Nate B’s turn to take to the decks. I really rate Mike Jules as one of the best DJs in Australia, and I’d say all that were there tonight could attest to that. Fellow ITMer Scootie mentioned to me that attitude has a lot to do with it, and he is right. Mike really has the right attitude. It’s not just about playing music, it’s about entertaining as well. Mike started with some minimal techno, but it was still upbeat and with Mike’s housey sound on top of it. It was funky too!

After a couple of tracks Mike handed over to Nate, who truth be told is just as good. Nate was more melodic and his set contained some very nice tunes. Then it was back to Mike; he just kept rocking the dancefloor. He dropped Green Velvet’s ‘Flash’, then Nate returns and played Der Dritte Raum’s ‘Halp Bopp’, and all too soon we were at the end. It was the perfect way to finish their set, a nice ending to a great set by both guys.

To end the night was one of Melbourne’s newest DJs; Davey Juric. Dave was equally as good as all the other Discourse DJs tonight, and although his set was lighter than the others it was still nice and driving. He played one of my favourites at the moment, Kabale Und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez’s ‘Mumbling Yeah’. A fitting conclusion for me.

The night had flown by so quickly, I guess the saying is true that ‘time does fly when you’re having fun’. Especially when you’re listening to great music and amongst really good friends. That, thankfully, is what Discourse is all about.


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