Tiesto 'Elements of Life' @ Festival Hall, Melbourne (26/04/08)

Image for Tiesto 'Elements of Life' @ Festival Hall, Melbourne (26/04/08)

The rain fell, and in keen anticipation the masses lined outside the perimeter of Festival Hall to experience the ‘Elements of Life’ showcase well before the clock was telling us it was time to begin. Slowly building to the start of a great night with crescendo beats and strobe lasers filling the air, the crowd started to warm up to the tunes of the support slot. While picking up a drink or two and in between meeting up with friends, the heat and pure happy energy that is in the air during the wait for the Grammy award-winning DJ starts to build. There is a rush to the main stage, a silence and then a roar of appreciation when the lasers and pyrotechnics explode to reveal the main man.

The beats and mixes dropped by Tiesto were so well tuned to the interactive laser and visual displays brought over from his homeland, that it was all a natural progression throughout the night. Out on the weathered hard wood dancefloor where many rock punters had stomped, there was now a smiling and pumped gathering all with water bottles in hand, dancing to a different beat, who all so grateful when the air conditioning was switched on to full force. If you weren’t moving to the ‘Elements of Life’ set or staring in awe at the coordinated music-to-screen visuals and lighting, then you were up on the balcony or side seat areas taking some time to chill with friends. And this is where the rave circles really got into it. Gathering momentum into their zone, timing the spins and shuffles to the soundwaves before taking a seat or heading outside to catch some chilled air. The smokers gathered together in the small corners hiding from the rain, and the buzz from the people that I talked to was amazing. Tiesto is really getting through to people, and his sell out shows in Melbourne alone prove his worth to the dance scene.

Usually I go to the big outdoor summer festivals, where there’s always something to distract you if you get bored. But there was no need for distraction this time as the guy delivered, and wel land truly catered to the crowd. It was amazing how the crowd and the DJ are so in tune, there is literally a buzz. With 2 hours to go everyone is not wasting a minute on the bar lines. Despite being messy with bottles and tired patrons, the floor is packed and the uplifting, faster trance picks up as the crowd bring it home, preparing them for the big lights and beautifully choreographed dance sequence on the digital screen that we’re treated to for the remainder. Energised and ready with more effects, Tiesto encourages the roar and his stage show takes it up another notch. And the Elements of Life set was well worth it to the very end. Punters who actually got body parts signed by the DJ were beyond happy, and the swell of sweaty bodies with smiles was testament to how happy everybody left the show.


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