Pang! feat. Knife Machine & Jono Fernandez @ Lot 33, Canberra (20/06/08)

Image for Pang! feat. Knife Machine & Jono Fernandez @ Lot 33, Canberra (20/06/08)

I arrived late to Lot 33 on Friday and by doing this, missed the opening of Knife Machine’s set and the guys before them. But as I walked in the atmosphere reminded me of a good old-fashioned house party, where all your friends are getting loose and dancing around like no one is watching. Knife Machine looked like the two guys at the party who were the drunkest and decided to play some tunes to impress some ladies.

Their set was electric and consistently kept you moving with heavy bass lines and well known songs to keep the dance floor healthy, but still dropping some new tunes in and around the set. However during the middle of their set something happened and the quick mixes disappeared, and Knife Machine reverted back to “DJ 101 Techniques” with basic mixing and leaving tracks to the last second to mix. This is the time when you should be comfortable enough in the set and be in a groove that the audience is growing used too. Dropping Prodigy’s Breathe was a crowd pleaser with people reminiscing back to 1997 and going nuts, but letting the song play out made it almost unbearable.

Knife Machine did however come out of the trance they were in to end their set well, in the same way they started. Playing another Prodigy track certainly themed the night for golden classics, and allowed Jono Fernandez to step up to an educated crowd that was ready for his thumping set. Mixing a variety of tracks from Justice to Crookers, Jono did well to keep the dance floor alive and it seemed like a strong following stayed just for him. If you haven’t seen Jono play before, I suggest you make a time too as his electric mix of all genres is the perfect recipe for a great time on the dance floor.

Knife Machine were a great act for this time as it allowed everyone at Lot 33 to enjoy the music without the club being too packed to move. These guys would be great in the summer on a hot night with the club going nuts! Pang! continues to stamp its reputation in Canberra as experimenting and showcasing new acts and not pigeonholing themselves to one style of act that Canberrans have been used to in the past.

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