Polynate feat. Heath Myers @ Rusty Lounge, Melbourne (28/06/08)

Image for Polynate feat. Heath Myers @ Rusty Lounge, Melbourne (28/06/08)

Saturday night saw the vigorous reconvergence of monthly night Polynate, after the night relaunched only last month. Showcasing some of Melbourne’s finest and most loved (perhaps misunderstood?) DJs and audio freaks, it was time to throw all the rules out the window and just enjoy some good people and good tunes.

When in pursuit of some Melburnian weekend madness, weekend warriors would be wise not to judge a book by its cover. The nooks and crannies of this town are stuffed with entertainment, and looks can be deceiving. Rusty Lounge is one of my favourite examples. Sitting upon a reasonably serene stretch of Sydney Road, a crisp orange glow emanates from within the front room, a long bar with ample amounts of couch space which are more than difficult to remove one self from (particularly with a drink in hand). However, once inside it’s not hard to see the real party is happening in the haphazard spaces beyond that inviting front room. The back end of the building houses a somewhat makeshift dance space, complete with crazy décor adorning the ceiling and walls. While the carpet underfoot and nature of the room itself is somewhat unorthodox, on the other side of the coin (and philosophy most punters subscribe to) it’s like partying in the psychedelic living room of the best house party you’ve ever been to. And if I haven’t sold you yet there’s a massive elongated backyard to boot, complete with fireplace.

I arrived around 1am to be greeted by the pleasantly chunky beats of TV Weird, with snippets of everything from funk to breaks contributing to the genre-bending collage that was the evening’s line up of audio goodness. Often described as ‘psycho carnival music’, ‘a weird dream you want to be in’, or just ‘flat out thumping fun with extra acid’, he definitely brought out the energy in the crowd, psyching the room for what was to follow.

Tronikelesch were definitely my favourite part of the night. Though their live set lasted only an hour, it was an hour of pure electronic madness. The duo set up their equipment to the front of the main decks, practically amongst the crowd on the dance floor, and proceeded to manipulate with ferocity and ease an enviable array of synths, controllers and the light show produced by them. Mish-mashing beats constantly, the set was brutally bounced off the walls of that tiny room as cheeky globin techno, acid house and pure miscellanity pumped out of the system. The energy these two guys put into their set definitely convinced anyone who wasn’t already losing their shit to hurry up and do so without delay.

Unfortunately I was only able to catch an hour of Heath Myers’ 3-hour extravaganza due to unfortunate work commitments the next day, but the man did nothing less than anyone expected and delivered the goods with bonus points for that whole hour. Each beat was satisfyingly round, layered unpredictably with interludes and samples that led progressively into even chunkier bass lines and even more twisted tracks.

A psychedelic evening of backyard debauchery, thoroughly enjoyed by all, is not to be missed twice! Check out the next Polynate on July 19 with Bubble & Squeak, Dee Dee, Miss Renee and that mad scientist Simon Slieker when it returns to Rusty Lounge.


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