Lightmare Drum & Bass Showcase @ Soho, Adelaide (11/07/07)

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In a town where launching a new night can be a challenge, Dan – aka DJ Metalman – promoter of Lightmare Events, has succeeded in producing a top quality regular drum and bass party. Lightmare’s new home of Soho (HQ Complex) has proved to be a wise venue choice for one of Adelaide’s newest DnB nights. This event has been progressively growing in size since its debut on the scene, and tonight’s show was to be its biggest yet. Offering an opportunity for the newer generation of drum and bass DJs to strut their stuff, the lineup boasted some new talent mixed in with the more experienced.

Bringing the drum and bass heads in from the cold to witness some of the finest local talent this town has to offer, Soho was buzzing as soon I arrived. Cranking two stages tonight, one inside and one outside, there was an assortment of entertainment to keep the dedicated followers enthralled all through the night. The middle section of Soho was adorned with comfy lounges, and it was packed with people unwinding. End of the week bevvies, catching up with mates and enjoying a chat – what better way to spend a Friday night.

Rolex – aka ‘Adelaide’s Queen of Drum and Bass’ – was up on the inside stage, showing the mob that females can rinse it out just as good as the boys. With experience stemming back to the late 90s, this shining star had the masses grooving. On the outside stage the beats were cranking loud with an assortment of new and old skool tracks. There was a healthy crowd lining the courtyard, and a bunch of drum and bass girls having a groove on the dancefloor.

Special guest Mark 7 positioned himself behind the decks next on the inside stage, throwing out seriously delicious beats. An ambassador and great contributor to the Adelaide scene, which a career that spans more than a decade, he has just released his new EP ‘Like the Sun’ on his own label 5158 Records. This veteran always delivers in true badass style. With Pase and Griff alternating on the mic, the two MCs worked well together, mixing rhymes with ease. The trio presented such energy on stage and I caught the majority of the set, enjoying every minute of it.

Man of the moment – appropriately called DJ Moment – took over next, and as the newest resident of Lightmare he played an extraordinary set. It had nearly every punter in the place wide eyed with his flawless mixing and perfect tune selection. Word on the streets is that he may just be the next big thing to come out of Adelaide’s legendary drum and bass scene! Unfortunately I had to cut my night short, missing out on DJ Zypha. I witnessed this young 23 year old play a pumping old skool reggae set at the last Lightmare event and it had me stunned. His charisma and skill behind the decks shows that this DJ is a natural. Expect to see more of this capable young turntablist in action at future events.

Drum and bass has always had a strong following in Adelaide. With its laidback, friendly and unpretentious atmosphere it’s hard not to feel at home at one of these shows. Proving that locals in winter can thrive, it proved we don’t need internationals to make a night a success. I am excited to see these shows churn the numbers through the doors as they have been. I’m also impressed with the wide range of new talent we have here in Adelaide. Catch the next instalment of Lightmare on Friday 1st August!

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