Kam Denny @ Planet, Brisbane (26/07/08)

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When I entered Planet, I was welcomed to a rather interesting song. I was hearing the chords of the legendary Prodigy track Breathe, which got an already packed venue to their feet and ready to jump around. Matt Kitshon was on a mission and as it turned out, the track turned out to be a mish mash of the vocals of The Killers’ famous single Mr Brightside and another Prodigy track Smack My Bitch Up. By this time the club was filling out and in the space of 20 minutes the club was packed. and everyone including the security was doing there own dance, hearing great tracks like Stanton Warriors’ funky track Shake it up [Hook n Sling remix] and Picco’s funky new track Yeke Yeke [STFU remix].

After an overly long break and potentially freezing myself to death, I headed back inside to witness the last 15 minutes of Planet resident Wahoo’s set, and by this time the dance floor was packed and the lasers were blazing and it was now time to witness what we all have come to see. One half of the ever popular electro house duo Vandalism, It was time to welcome Kam Denny.

After a brilliant support from planet residents, all the crowd could do was scream for more, and the best was yet to come. Shortly after his set I welcomed to my eardrums the digital vocals of Pitch Dark’s slamming track Automatic Machine, which didn’t get the uproar I expected. But the crowd seemed to just keep dancing until Kam Denny decided to play a very popular track from ‘07, Girls and Boys.

Most of the tracks he played form there on in ranged form some really dirty house that had the girls screaming for just a little more, and then he would play some more chunky electro for the guys, overall a diverse and very entertaining set. During my travels throughout the club I couldn’t help but applaud the way that Kam Denny was able to read a crowd so effectively, whenever the music needed some form of shifting to accommodate for the dancers he was on top of it, it was truly astonishing.

Leaving Planet shortly after Kenny’s set I couldn’t help but feel amazed at not the flow of this DJ’s performance, going well beyond the music that he played. His ability to read and to conform to his audience, and entertain them with flair, was truly a worthwhile experience.


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