Interview @ Miss Libertine, Melbourne (16/08/08)

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The Interview crew is all about the people, and this was evident on Saturday night when they threw another party to remember. Showcasing some of Australia’s best talent and providing non-stop tech, trance, progressive and psy to satisfy any musical urges, there was also a pumping soundsystem to boot, meaning this long-awaited party was ready to rock. The people at Miss Libertine are always friendly and hospitable, and it made the night a raving success.

Taking a quick walk around the venue and reveling in the ambience, I was surprised by how many people had already flipped their switch to party-mode. Unfortunately I arrived just after Blinky’s set had finished, which left me feeling shattered. But thankfully I was just in time for the delight that is Matt Rowan from Proton Records. In a rhythmic blaze of glory, Rowan provided inspiring impetus to get your groove on. With a funky style and plenty of bounce, he definitely showcased his uncanny ability to read an audience and play according. It was a surprise to walk into a club this early in the night and hear tunes that make you want to skull that beer and get amongst it.

Continuing the layered progressive beats of Rowan, Paul Abad of Open Records started at 12:30am and set the scene for the night to come. Playing a blend of minimal and progressive with techy elements, his flow on the decks was second to none. Seamless transitions and groovy soundscapes, the dreadlocked Queenslander put on quite a show and did not disappoint keen punters. The characteristic sounds of the night’s two headliners complimented each other perfectly, and I actually had to check that it was indeed Abad playing and not a continuation of Rowan’s set. Always proving to be a great, relaxed venue for the Interview parties, the setup on the main dance-floor blew my socks off with an inordinate amount of LCD screens, lasers and lighting effects.

Scott Bateman, an Interview favourite, proved to be a force to be reckoned with as he took the night on a journey through his characteristic mix of progressive and trance. With trancey interludes to break up the set, blended with electro and progressive, it took the sound to another level. At 3am Interview resident Ben Evans came on and it was great to see him continue the driving and rolling beats. With his combination of psy-infused sounds and atmospheric effects whirling in our subconscious, after an hour I was left wanting more.

The front bar also had decent music playing all night, with many comfortable seats and a homely vibe. Catching Jules Plees at the end, the only thing that could have been better would have been the location of the DJ booth which was behind the bar. Although it was out of the way, it was also easy to miss. Trent McDermott was next on the main stage and provided some awe-inspiring uplifting trance to take the party into the early hours. Interview are known for their trance and tonight was no exception, with LCK closing the mainstage in a symphony of synthetic frequencies.

Interview was pumping from the get go, and to hear such a diverse variety of genres and sounds it was a joy. When music can take you out of reality and into another world, it is a truly wonderful thing. I eagerly await the next Interview production!

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Anomyst said on the 20th Aug, 2008

wow! what a review! much respect!

analog feedback

analog feedback said on the 21st Aug, 2008

Couldn't have said it better myself! Fantastic night as usual.


trials2k said on the 21st Aug, 2008

awesome night! Great review


Suspekt said on the 23rd Aug, 2008

GOoooooooooooo Paulie... rip rip!


krys_65 said on the 27th Aug, 2008

Review was right on the money.You captured the feeling and vibe perfectly jdmc45.I had an absolute ball and am always waiting in eager anticipation for the next one!Good thing theyre on bout once a mth or way too many Interview addicts would be having wit


aciddavid said on the 1st Sep, 2008

was my last party b4 going away on much need hollie and what a night it was.the interview crew are doing a f%$#@g awesome job. much respect.and the crowd was one of the best. keep it to ourselves boys and girls , dont want to many wainkers catching that t