Supermarket & DJ Tr!p @ Big Star Basement, Adelaide (24/09/08)

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It’s not everyday that a midweek event is served up, and never so early in the night! But the offer was too good to refuse, so I decided to head down to Big Star Records on Rundle Street to check out some local Adelaide talent. Big Star Records have been lending a hand to promote the Adelaide scene by hosting local artists in store on Wednesday nights in their newly refurbished basement. This is the first time they have had DJs/VJs perform, as usually it’s your more traditional live bands. The line-up consisted of DJ B@ch, DJ Tr!p and Supermarket Live. This intimate show was certainly one I was keen to see.

First up, playing drum & bass beats, was DJ B@ch, aka Simon. Known around Adelaide for delivering entertaining drum & bass sets, this DJ certainly enjoys what he does and brings forth obvious enthusiasm. DJ Tr!p, aka Tyson Hopprich, belted out some different and unique sounds, all of which he produced and composed himself. Previously travelling as far as Tokyo to DJ, he has created this divergent sound using obsolete technology. Having recently launced his new EP ‘SID Vicious’, he showcased many of the tunes. A group of on-lookers sat and watched as this talented Adelaidian served up tunes described as up-tempo electro, 8-bit, industrial, gamer’s style, produced using Commodore Amiga, Commodore 64, Nintendo Game Boy and PC. This genre is certainly in a category of its own!

Dan Monceaux and Emma Sterling, the duo known as ‘Supermarket Live’, were eagerly waiting to start their set. It was an amazing performance, with Emma driving the visuals and Dan generating his carefully synthesized and originally created tunes. Watching this extraordinary display, I was mesmerised and taken on a journey; it didn’t matter if there were 10 or 100 people there, as it was the music and visuals that spoke to you. Each sound was matched perfectly with the on-screen display, telling a story in a most diverse way. The last tune was a remix of the popular AC/DC track ‘Jail Break’.

Humble in their approach, these fine and dedicated performers are cut above the rest. Devoting many hours to producing their unique sounds and visuals, they have explored a new world of electronic music and creative visual displays. It was a night filled with variation, and it showcased some of the talent we have here in Adelaide. I enjoyed the unusual venue and the unusual time slot, not to mention the unusual tunes! Check out these guys, they are certainly worth a look and a listen.

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Supermarket said on the 29th Sep, 2008

Thanks for the great review, Neetz!