Nexus 2: The Second Chapter @ Bunker Lounge (25/10/2008)

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After enjoying my time at this year’s Godskitchen party I realised I hadn’t been to a local trance night for a while. With a pretty sweet lineup that included Jed, Scott Bateman and James Brooke fresh from mixing the latest Godskitchen CD release, I decided Nexus at the Bunker Lounge was as good an opportunity as ever to see what the local scene had to offer.

We got to the venue a bit after eleven, and after hearing the capacity was limited to 100 people, while going down the stairs to enter the ‘Bunker’ lounge I was envisioning an episode of The Simpsons where the town crams into Ned Flanders’ fallout shelter. After walking in, although small, it didn’t seem quite as claustrophobic as I feared with the limited space nicely divided between lounge areas and dance areas. James Brooke was on, and hearing Simulated by Marco V followed by Man With The Red Face by Laurent Garnier, I knew we were onto a good thing. The place must have been about half full already, and people were dancing away as he played some nice tech trance, finishing with Robert Vadney Second Sky (3am Salvation Mix).

At midnight Mr Brooke handed the reins over to Daniel Wood who started off a little deeper into the techy side of things with a slight electro flavour, before finishing off with some pumping tunes. I really enjoyed the second half of his set, highlights for me included the J.O.C. remix of Bissen Quicksand and Dome by W&W. While the tunes were pretty good, the same couldn’t be said for the sound in the venue, which was a bit lacking. In some areas it seemed like it was bouncing around between the walls and the roof and it could also have been a bit louder, conversations in the crowd dominated at times. It didn’t stop the people dancing however, including a special low-key appearance by Justin Timberlake, although he seemed shorter than I thought.

After Mr Wood finished up it was time for Scott Bateman to take over. Dropping the tempo a bit, he opened with the Sander van Doorn remix of Sia’s The Girl You Lost To Cocaine and gradually built from there. The crowd had multiplied a bit more by this stage and was going off for pretty much the entire set, enjoying tracks like the Richard Durand remix of In And Out Of Love by Armin van Buuren and Interstate vs. Sander van Doorn Remember The Sun Goes Down.

He built his set nicely and it was pretty pumping and trancey towards the end, a home grown remix of Stevie Nicks Edge Of Seventeen was pretty awesome and ending with the Greg Downey remix of Heaven Scent capped off a great set. Despite the attempts at heckling and distracting by… someone… the mixing was as good as the tunes and it was my favourite set of the night.

Event organiser Jed was up next, playing back to back with James Mac and they continued the tough tech trance vibe after Scott with some more John O’Callaghan action in the form of New Jersey and his remix of Underworld’s Cowgirl. Ferry Corsten’s new trancer Radio Crash was hit with the still-going-strong crowd.

When they finished, it was just after 4am and Denham Jay took over to play the last set of the night. As he changed things completely with some nice psytrance like Contract by Protoculture, most of the remaining crowd took a breather and relaxed. He worked the mixer well and played some nice real trancey stuff before the evening came to a close just after 5am.

It was my first time entering the Nexus and I had fun, while they only had one laser to Godskitchen’s epic production, the vibe and tunes were just as good. So it’s great that we have these local nights where we can go out regularly instead of waiting for the big once-a-year parties and I’ll be looking forward to the next one.

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