Spacebar feat. Suncontrolspecies & Nyquist @ myAeon, Melbourne (24/10/08)

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Scienza Nuova by Suncontrolspecies AKA Drew Davidon, was one of my favourite progressive trance albums from last year and despite being a local boy, I hadn’t seen him out anywhere. With Nyquist on the bill also for Spacebar, I thought it would be a good chance to check them out, having never been to this venue or the night. So I put on my favourite conquistador hat and prepped the Santa Maria for a voyage of discovery, setting a course for myAeon in Brunswick.

Arriving at 11pm was way too early according to the door staff so I took the opportunity to take in the surroundings, before any other explorers turned up to contest my claims. With plenty of comfy couches and chairs to relax in near the bar at the front, I settled in with a beverage before walking around the back to the dancefloor, passing through what I was later told by someone is the ‘acid corridor’. I don’t know why anyone would name a corridor after corrosive battery fluids, but oh well.

Rhythmik was providing auditory entertainment and was enjoying himself despite an empty dance floor. He had a nice mix going of funky stuff, proggy stuff and breaksy stuff with Tweaking by The Crystal Method standing out along with his own productions, and did a good job of warming the place up as people began arriving.

Dr Zaius came on at midnight and played some prog and tech house to get things going with some nice build ups. At this point we checked out the nice outdoors area and chatted with some friends for a while. We could still hear the tunes from inside and could watch the people dancing through the glass wall, including one girl practising her spiderman techniques from the rafters. As the tunes were getting pretty pumping, so was our chatting apparently as security asked us to keep it down so we don’t disturb the people in the office upstairs. What?? That’s definitely a first for me. Not wanting to cause a fuss we took our deep discussion on m-theory and missions to Jupiter to the couches inside.

When 2am rolled around Nyquist stood up to the decks and started off with some nice melodic tunes before going the tech route with Blender by Dousk. More people were dancing by now as the crowd built up a bit and the tunes were building nicely too, I particularly liked Talkback by Adam K and Nyquist’s own tune Tilt. There were some nice tracks in there but personally I prefer the style of his perhaps more well known alias FREq. After 90 mins of action he had to scoot off to the airport for a gig in New Zealand and it was time for Suncontrolspecies.

He started off with some nice really deep tracks before pushing it up a bit. He played some pretty banging prog and techier tunes, with some great bass lines, but it was getting a bit too clicky for me at times. I really enjoyed a Decoy remix of one of his own tunes, and even though I generally enjoyed most of the set, I just had this longing for the progressive trance that I know these two guys can deliver, and I didn’t get it.

It was only a slight let down though for me and one autographed CD cover later I had already forgotten about it. While the crowd wasn’t particularly huge everyone was enjoying themselves throughout the night, one reveler in particular was really enjoying one of the light boxes, perhaps slightly too much…

When Gavin Martin came on at a bit after 5am, he picked up where Drew left off and continued the vibe. By then though my legs were protesting and it was time for me to set sail for home. It was a pretty good night, with good tunes and a happy crowd. With a rotating roster of DJs, Spacebar looks like it can provide a different experience each time and I wouldn’t mind checking it
out again.

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