Spacebar @ My Aeon, Melbourne (14/11/08)

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You know when you go to the big festivals over summer and, like a fool, you get there early and no one is loose enough to be dancing yet? But… There’s always, without a doubt, someone all by their lonesome on a completely deserted dancefloor wafting to and fro, arms akimbo, eyes closed, completely in their own world and 100 per cent comfortable in their own skin. I have a name for these ‘people’. I call them trippers, I don’t know why, but that’s just what I call them. Well, imagine a whole club full of these trippers. Go ahead, imagine… it wont hurt you. However, it did hurt me as I had muscle cramps in my forehead after spending a full 5 minutes with my eyebrows raised, until my concubine advised me to lower them as it’s considered weird and rude in some parts of the world.

But anyway… this was something great, as I’d found the source of these trippers. I know where they hang. A bunch of peeps so comfortable that it made going to My Aeon like slipping into my favourite trakky daks, turning the system up and dancing around in my living room, except the tunes that were being expelled from the speakers were unknown to me. The hypnotic rhythms commanded a kind of grinding motion from your hips and pulsed in unison with your brainwaves. So much so that you didn’t realise your neck muscles easing up and your head rolled around on your neck as you swayed from side to side.

However, the honeymoon ended at a monkeys tail after 2am. The beats got firmer, faster, and the cut pile carpet dance floor got a thorough thrashing from élan filled feet; some of them were naked, some only in their undergarments. I’d like to mention the names of those beat-makers responsible, but I doubt you’d care, I mean, who do these people think they are anyway? Thinking they can control your body movements with a flick of a switch or a turn of a knob. All you need to know is the event is called Spacebar and it’s at My Aeon.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot; apart from the carpeted dance floor, the super comfy wog style couches, the bar staff who look like they want to hug you whilst serving you, the outdoor projector playing George of the Jungle cartoons with subtitles, the outdoor fireplace (which was in full effect thanks to Melbourne’s famous ‘five seasons in one day, I swear mother nature is schizophrenic), the exposed brick walls, the really happy dude playing with a crystal ball and the guy with the backpack who told me “it’s gonna be a great night” about 34 times, there was the one thing I was impressed by the most. Now I’ve been to a lot of clubs and I have to mention this, ahem…really clean toilets.

Endut Hoch Hech!

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mstewartacp said on the 19th Nov, 2008

The best part were the people skipping with the light rope out by the fire, chanting like school kids again!