DJ Craze @ Miss Libertine, Melbourne (05/12/08)

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many others might have thought the following last Friday night: “Aww man, I coulda been at the Kanye West concert right now!” Me on the other hand (or any other appendage of your choice), I’ve actually heard Yeezy’s new album and while I feel his pain with all the shit he’s gone through in the past year, the majority of 808s & Heartbreak makes my ears wanna throw up, and OUT. I’m talking projectile fashion that squirts out my ears in fine straight lines and comically hits people in my vicinity (and smells vaguely of garlic and… cinnamon?). So it was no biggy. Besides, DJ Craze was Ye’s tour DJ and had a long list of accolades that preceded him, so I was pretty excited to see what this cat could do.

I won’t go through the endless amount of worldwide DJ comps Craze has won, cos while it’s always impressive for a DJ to have those titles, it really means nothing to someone in my position who has never ever heard the dude spin before. The only thing that was going to have an impact on my thoughts of Craze was his actual set, and he did not disappoint.

Craze’s overall style is something I like to call “A.D.D DJing”, someone who has an itchy trigger finger and switches up songs in 1-2 minute intervals. Before you get a chance to adjust to the new selection, the next one is already thrust upon you. Thing is, not everyone can pull it off. It’s a matter of the picking the right songs, and having the right timing… which is basically a DJs job anyway. His selections ranged from N.E.R,D’s Everyone Nose to M.I.A’s “Paper Planes” and then really setting the night off by playin my new favourite club track Universal Mind Control by Common featuring Pharrell. Not long into the set, Craze started to engage with the crowd, asking why they weren’t goin a little more apeshit to the music. He then stated he didn’t care and that he’s there to “play whatever the fuck I want!”. As an aspiring DJ myself, that is the exact ideal I’m looking for: the freedom and ability to play songs from any genre, mashed together in a tasty aural soup, and just basically try and blow people’s heads off their damn shoulders (with music, as opposed to double-barrel shotgun).

Craze deftly mixed in modern club shit with some uptempo booty bass and borderline electro house tunes, displaying some of his well-known scratching skills and his (apparently) braggadocio persona in the process. After stating he was sick of hip hop, due to having been on tour with Kanye for quite a while, he mainly stuck to playing balls-to-the-wall drum n’ bass for the remainder of his set. This topped off what was one of the most hyped and energetic sets I’ve ever had the pleasure of stupid-dancing to (I can’t dance for shit anymore so I just convulse and throw my weight around).

If Craze was a gangsta, and the decks were his Uzi, then he mowed us all down with rapid-fire precision (oh no he didn’t just take that metaphor too far). He most certainly lived up to the hype, and rocked Miss Lib so hard even the bartenders were in awe of the man. Good stuff.

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