Spacebar feat. Tetrameth & Ozzy @ MyAeon, Melbourne (13/12/08)

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The heavy rain last Saturday made me want to curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and watch The Mighty Boosh, but I am so, so glad that I ventured out to Spacebar at MyAeon to see Tetrameth and Ozzy. MyAeon is about as close to being at home while actually being at a bar as you can get, so if you have to go out and you don’t feel like it then there is only one place to go in my mind.

The comfy mismatched couches around the bar at the front are so inviting and called many of the soggy travelers who were out that night to them, that’s were where most of the punters stayed content to listen to Phloem play while they dried out. It wasn’t until 12pm that people started arriving to actually have a dance and by then Atonix had taken over and started warming up the crowd nicely; she played a great prog/psy set that set the crowd in to a stomp/airy arm waving dance that I found irresistible.

The courtyard out the back was a washout and basically one big puddle all night, even the usually cosy fireplace was out of action and reduced to a pool of sludgy ash. The only really bad thing about the rain though was if you had to use the girl’s loos, as I invariably do, you got pretty wet because they were right on the edge of the big puddle and if you got stuck waiting outside from a big line there was no cover.

But I have to admit that by the middle of the night I didn’t mind getting wet and enjoyed the chance to cool down after a hard dance and too many drinks. A few hardy souls stayed out there and didn’t seem to mind the rain coming in through the soaked shade cloth, but most people stayed inside apart from smokers – who for a change had too compete with the rain. I pondered briefly on the importance of the rain for the sake of our water catchment, versus the plight of the smokers, and concluded the smokers would just have too suffer. Sorry people!

Motive took over from Atonix at 1:30am and took to the decks like a well greased monkey takes to a banana stuck in a pipe! He got the crowd into a proper stomp with some great progressive tunes that got everyone psyched up. By the time Tetrameth took over everyone was just itching for that awesome sound that he has made his own. Peter Hayes (Tetrameth) coined the phrase ‘Technical Progressive’ to describe his style of music, as it doesn’t quite fit into the progressive or psytrance categories. It does however, fit nicely in to any great night where lush sounds and ass-shaking bass are required. Tethrameth played a great set including the unreleased Weapon of Choice that made the whole crowd go mental.

Ozzy played till well after the sun had turned the sky an inky grey and kept the crowd hyped till the end with some wicked tracks that rocked this small part of the world on a wet rainy morning in December. Spacebar at MyAeon always promises a good line-up and solid crowd and Saturday 13th was no exception. The rain held no one back; I think the crowd would have faced much worse to get there and I would too, anytime, for an awesome night like that.

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