Crazy P @ Artrage Bakery, Perth (31/01/09)

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Australia has had, over the years, a love affair with Crazy P(enis), which has been reciprocated with numerous tours and even an early preview in their new album Stop Space Return being released as an Australia only album – Love On The Line. At the last minute, the gig was moved to the more intimate setting of the Artrage Bakery, and after a 35 degree day and 50%+ humidity; by intimate, I mean a hot sweaty night was guaranteed.

One of the bonuses of the venue change was the fact that the gig joined that of Norman Jay MBE, a man who needs no introduction. Due to this solid line up, I met friends at the Bakery early, where we had the pleasure of a few drinks whilst being entertained by Charlie Bucket’s vibe-friendly tunes. Due to the excessive heat/humidity, we spent most of the next few hours outside, where the air was a bit less restricted, but no less cooler. The Sunshine Brothers followed up with some fantastic live ska-fuelled music, and near the end we saw locals jump up on stage to lend a hand. But half the crowd were there to see Norman Jay, and the other half were more than happy to be in attendance for the only DJ to receive an MBE. After playing at the inauguration of US President Barack Obama, Norman Jay arrived sporting an Obama t-shirt, and after an intro of the Pink Panther by Henri Mancini, he led a great set of funk, a dip into Dn’B and great grooves. A lot of tracks were overdubbed with parts of Osama’s Presidential speech; “He is the first President since Kennedy to be in dance tracks,” a friend offered, which I believe will prove to be true in years to come.

So, finally, at about 12:30am, Crazy P (as they are now known) hit the small, and very intimate stage. Using the intro from Willie Wonka Pure Imagination, the band took to the stage, and the track transformed into Music’s My Love as vocalist Danielle Moore came up to launch into Too Far. The energy belied the heat and late time as they ripped through tracks off the new album, Lie Lost, Stop Space Return and Never Gonna Reach Me. Danielle has found her place here as a frontwoman (after starting out as a vocalist), giving everything to the crowd and band, before departing for a costume change as the boys hit into the instrumental Cruising, which was personally a highlight.

With Danielle returning, with new clothes, the group got into tracks like Over to You, Caught Up, Love on the Line and Give a Little. There was great banter between songs, highlighting the bands enjoyment at being here and the fact that they were here for a good time. Their main set ended with Sun-Science, but for the warm day/night we endured, I found irony in the song’s line of “Sunshine makes me feel better”, as all we wanted was a cool breeze.

After a short respite, Crazy P came back out to play a three track encore, highlighted by Lady “T”, the sexiest song about date rape ever made, and the crowd was in a disco frenzy. When they finally left the stage, it was well after 2am, and everyone was soaked to the bone.

Media reports have Crazy P(enis) as the best “electronic disco band in the world”. Personally, I love the way they combine lots of different elements and thrive in a live setting. They are the ultimate “disco-party” band and as such – Australia loves them as much as they love us. Cannot wait for the next party.

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SparklingSam said on the 6th Feb, 2009

Great review Dav! Was the nipple tweaker there? ;-)


dazmedia said on the 6th Feb, 2009

Getting a bit sick of all this Obama lovin'. Sounds like a diverse night of tunes. Good review.


danmau5 said on the 6th Feb, 2009

sounds like a great night - ive never got a chance to catch those guys. i love how you "accidentally" referred fo him as 'Osama'