Beck's Music Box Opening Night feat. Optimo DJs @ Beck's Music Box, Perth (14/02/09)

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Saturday February 14 was Valentine’s Day, and what better place to take a mate than the visually stunning temporary venue that is Beck’s Music Box. The Music Box is a creation of those who brought us the much loved Beck’s Verandah and the 14th wasn’t only a day to drive up the sales of chocolates, flowers and condoms, it marked the opening of this year’s Perth International Arts Festival. Getting the festivities off was date-friendly Jose Gonzales, who played to a sold out crowd. By the time I arrived for the after party featuring the Optimo DJs from Scotland many of the crowd had disappeared home or possibly into the shadowy surrounds of the Esplanade, but fair enough the Music Box was lagging in shagging facilities and I’m sure the male half of the crowd would be eager to cash in on the Jose Gonzales swoon factor.

The Optimo DJs are JD Twitch and JG Wilkes and the pair have released many interesting podcasts and remixes that you really should go and download right now if you don’t have them on your hard drive. After working the older leaning crowd up with the sexy sounds of James Brown, they had the floorboards literally bouncing with some glam rock anthems, until the sounds of The Beatles brought out the boogie in the pack. The focus on older tracks had the crowd honestly singing along to Depeche Mode Just Can’t Get Enough. As the direction shifted to dance heavy tracks the dance floor was completely packed and just at that moment, the clock struck 1am. The atmosphere of the event was lively, party like, having the audience freed from the constraints imposed by roofs of nightclubs. People were running around, mingling and interacting with out being squeezed for space that occurs in many Perth nightclubs. After 1am that all changed. The party fizzled out as the stage speakers and light show were shut down with the back speakers continuing, all be it at a much lower level. It made you feel like you were nudie dancing in your backyard to the your neighbour’s party music, nervously expecting to be caught at any minute. Nobody knew what to do. The event wasn’t over, but the lights, which were pretty spectacular, had been shut down and the sound levels were below conversational level. People slowly stopped dancing and stood around and one by one they wandered off into the darkness.

If a sound curfew needs to be enforced then make that the end of your show, don’t list Optimo DJs as playing until 2am and don’t keep the show going to slowly die as your confused audience walks out with less than great memories of such an awesome night. That being said the venue is amazing. The views of the city lights, the ridiculous Wheel thing and the Bell Tower create a memorable atmosphere and with Beck’s Music Box featuring free DJs after all of their live acts at 10:30pm it would be a shame not to venture for at least one night. Just don’t expect it to be a late one.

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benjiswan said on the 18th Feb, 2009

They played such a good set and the venue is second to none, even tho a little temporary