Gatecrasher 2009 @ Metro City, Perth (23/01/09)

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Few names can fire up the true, long time trance fanatic’s mind quite like Gatecrasher can. The very thought o experiencing a Gatecrasher event at its home in Sheffield or at the NEC in Birmingham fills me with awe, envy and passion. Naturally I was delighted when the announcement that Gatecrasher would touch down in Perth, at Metro City, once again for the first time in three years. The lineup featured some of the most forward thinking names in trance; Australia’s very own TyDi (as featured on the recent Trance Energy mainstage in Holland, MaRLo, Adam Sheridan, Mike Nichol, Mike Koglin and of course support from Dr. Willis and Kenny L. As far as I was concerned, this event would be equally as epic as a Gatecrasher set by Paul Oakenfold, what with trance events being so sporadic in our fair city.

With Perth’s trance community abuzz upon the announcement that Trance Energy would be landing on our shores for the very first time, I expected that Gatecrasher 2009 would provide the ideal warmup. 2008 had been a truly epic year for trance in Perth, and I had the feeling that 2009 would be even better. I could not have thought of a better way to get the year going myself than with a Gatecrasher party. Naturally I did not wish to miss a minute of the action, so my crew and I arrived at 11pm in time to catch Dr. Willis and Kenny L’s warmup set.

It became abundantly clear early on that this night would feature a quality crowd that was maybe lacking a little in terms of quantity, which perhaps isn’t a bad thing. Kenny L and Dr. Willis got the crowd going with an eclectic set that featured electro, house and tech trance, to which I could not resist a boogie. Dr. Willis was giving it his all behind the decks, creating some cool effects that had his audience in rapture, giving us a small taster of what was to come.

MaRLo hit the decks at midnight. Many people, prior to the event, were not convinced that hour long sets would suit the night, but I think it each DJ’s set flows well after the last, it can still work. That being said, I found MaRLo’s set to be better suited for a sit-down and a couple of beers. Rather than dropping the pressure, MaRLo seemed content with warming up the crowd with his electro and tech trance influenced sound. A highlight tune from his set was Certitude by Thomas Bronzwear.

The buzz surrounding TyDi right now, it has to be said, is quite simply amazing. Having been booked for the world’s greatest trance party in the Netherlands, and having his productions championed by the likes of Armin and Markus Schulz, TyDi could well cement his name in the genre’s top echelon. I quite enjoyed his set at Global Gathering last year and naturally I found myself wandering what he would deliver for Gatecrasher. In short, he did not disappoint. The party had gone from third to top gear at virtually the click of the fingers. From his opening track; a fantastic bootleg version of _Right Here, Right Now _ by Fatboy Slim, to the very end of his set, TyDi had his audience in the palm of his hand. And although the crowd was a bit smaller than was anticipated, was for the most part awesome all night long. The Gatecrasher massive created an atmosphere that was stronger than a crowd twice its size.

TyDi made way for Adam Sheridan at 2am, taking with him a deserved rapturous reception from the crowd. It did not occur to me until after the show that Adam Sheridan was in fact performing a live PA rather than a DJ set. Regardless, his set was the best of the night, for it featured plenty of punch and plenty of unidentifiable tunes. A better peak-time DJ could not have been chosen! Sheridan’s set went from out and out banging to blissfully euphoric and then back again during his one hour performance and his technical ability made me feel less than enviable about the DJ who would succeed him. Hopefully it will not be long before Adam Sheridan graces our shores again.

Mike Koglin, of Anjunabeats fame, was indeed the man to follow Adam Sheridan at 3am. I honestly thought that nothing could top Sheridan’s set, but Koglin delivered the goods right from the get go. His opening track; a funky version of Delirium’s Silence, signalled a set that would be full of class. Another highlight of his set was Mr. Pit’s Shana (Duderstadt progressive mix), which for me was trance track of the year by a long chalk. Koglin continued building it up and building it up until he reached his climax; Timmy & Tommy’s fun-loving Full Tiltin. With a simple tweak, Koglin extended the final bar of the build-up within this tune so as to create a brilliant tension. Upon its release, the crowd went absolutely crazy! Koglin received huge and well deserved round of applause upon completion of his set.

I would have loved to have stayed on for Mike Nichol’s set, but after a few bad sleeps tiredness had caught up wit me. By all accounts Nichol was only able to play for twenty-five minutes or so due to… A lack of sales behind the bar? The promoters did everything in their power to convince Metro City to stay open until five, however this was not to be. I must echo the chorus of those who have said that Perth desperately needs a medium sized venue for this kind of event. Kudos to Cybergroove for their tireless effort and devotion nonetheless!

On the whole, Gatecrasher provided an awesome start to 2009, even if the numbers were a bit down. In all fairness I believe that the numbers were quite strong given the plethora of other events that had taken place during January. Whatever the case may be, the sound of trance looks set to only get bigger and stronger this year here in Perth and across Australia.

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kanni said on the 27th Mar, 2009

nice review. def did lack the crowd, but i agree though, quality DJs and tunes made up for it, and good to see the DJs mingling with the crowd when they weren't behind the decks :) top night!