VOID feat. Gravious & Seven @ Spectrum Bar, Sydney (03/04/09)

Image for VOID feat. Gravious & Seven @ Spectrum Bar, Sydney (03/04/09)

Well once again Sydney’s premier dubstep and grime night VOID came up with the goods. The headliners this month were Gravious and Seven, brought out to Darlinghurst from Glasgow and London respectively. As with previous massive lineups, this one warranted spreading the love across two venues – out of the Phoenix basement and up the stairs to the cooler and airier Spectrum. It’s always a bit of a challenge to pull the crowds up the stairs (although if you’re smart you’ll head up there to avoid the queue at the Phoenix bar), but Gravious did a good job of keeping a solid core group up there at all times, enticing them with clean, crisp sounds interspersed with some wonderfully uplifting buildups.

Nice work on VOID’s part for introducing Gravious’ melodic and ambient brand of dubstep to our aural education. In fact, Spectrum was producing some really interesting stuff all night, throwing out psychedelics, breaks and drum n’ bass at various points. The beauty of dubstep is that it draws musicians from a range of backgrounds, and listeners too judging by the crowd at VOID. We saw hip hop, psytrance and metal represented as well as a good turn out by the ladies, which is always nice to see at a dubstep night.

Down at Phoenix things were heating up, with a noticeable temperature rise as you descended the stairs. The local talent ripped it up as always, and Garage Pressure and Element MC had the room heaving in the lead up to Seven’s two hour set. Which, by the way, kicked ass. This was what the crowd came for – some proper London style dirty, rude, distorted bass that had everyone (including the DJ) sweating. Energy levels on the dance floor were coming up to match the decibel levels on the speakers, and Seven was clearly enjoying his Sydney reception, playing with the audience and delivering some foot-stomping crowd-pleasing favourites. It was a massive set that turned the basement into a pressure cooker, and Boot and Sook did well to keep the vibe pumping afterwards. Up at Spectrum Westernsynthetics and L-J had a small but dedicated reception with every single person up on the dance floor. By the time b.i.n.t came on at it had pretty much emptied out, but the devotees and other DJs that stuck around were loving his hectic genre mashups.

Big up to VOID for another huge night of quality bass music and continuing to pull major names from around the world to a small but quality scene here in Sydney. Check out their dubstep/techno/electronica night called Index as well. And good work to everyone who made it out for a wicked party – see you next month!


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