Sinden & Fake Blood @ The Empire, Brisbane (02/04/09)

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Sinden and Fake Blood’s national tour brought them to Brisbane’s doorstep where they came, played and ruthlessly conquered the dance floor of Empire’s Middle Bar. These two London producers came well prepared and ready to rock out. Having huge Australian performances in the past – Fake Blood on the Parklife tour and Sinden at Good Vibrations in 2008 – The Empire and its merry crew were in for a real treat.

Hovering around the top of the production food chain within the Bass heavy fidget electro house scene, Sinden started out swinging with an arsenal of grinding remixes from all walks of life and sub genres. This guy’s list of productions and remixes stretches a good few pages in small print, so it wasn’t surprising to see the crowd thoroughly appreciate it when he laid down the crème of his crop. Focusing mainly on his own remixes and that of his London comrade Herve, the crowed got a good taste of garage, electro and dubsteb thrown all in together and heavily laced with a truckload of wobbling bass. The massive speaker stack beside Empire’s main booth handled the heavy bass brilliantly, and had the absolutely packed dancefloor happily jumping and grinding away at the Thursday night that had now become early Friday morning.

As Sinden threw down his final mix of the night – Herve’s remix of Lily Allen’s The Fear – with a wickedly heavy mix of The Klaxons It’s Not Over Yet, hands behind the decks switched and up stood monsieur Fake Blood. Fake Blood kept the intensity up and got straight into it. The crowd stayed strong and dance moves kept coming as La La Land was looped and Tiga’s Mind Dimension was dropped. We all knew this set was going somewhere and when the first few bars of that synth hit the ears on the dance floor we knew exactly where we where. The Empire erupted to Fake Blood’s Mars and it was simply impossible to wipe the smiles of satisfaction from the faces in the crowd! Good times were indeed bought on by a memorable performance of Sinden + Fake Blood.

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djlt said on the 8th Apr, 2009

don't you reckon the sound from the speakers was too loud? like it was all distorted? haha maybe i'm an old fart these days


djfuzza said on the 8th Apr, 2009

always is at empire!