One Cheeky Easter Sunday @ Cargo, Sydney (12/04/09)

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Easter Long Weekends have always played havoc with the crux of Sydney’s party scene, and this year’s four-night bender (five if you’ve got a liver to spare) was no different. Cargo Lounge lit up their flagship night of the Easter break this year with a radio-friendly line up in the form of the UK’s Bodyrox and New York’s Carl Kennedy as headliners.

Being my first ever event to review, the most logical step for this aspiring journo of arriving early to avoid crowds and securing a schedule for the DJs turned out to be the most ill-fated. The streets of Sydney were dead upon arrival – a very worrying sign even for a ‘n00b’ reporter. Think World Youth Week streets minus the celibate/horny Catholics. Yep, not a soul. However my faith (excuse the pun) was soon restored upon our arrival at King Street Warf where it seemed half of Sydney’s crowds had congregated.

The next obstacle arrived when none of the staff could provide me with set times, let alone point out to me what Carl Kennedy looks like, or tell me what time Bodyrox would be playing. One staff even responded to my query with “Oh Bodyrox? Yeah she’ll be on at around 1:30am, upstairs”. She? Errr… OK. Nonetheless I soldiered on keen to find myself a drink and a snug seat where support act Jace was spinning out appetisers to get the crowds moving towards the dancefloor. They both did a super-fine job (while being just a tad predictable) of keeping the upper-level crowds moving with some mild electro-pop remixes that included a track from The Tings Tings.

Downstairs seemed to hold itself on another level though with the likes of Tom Piper pumping out edgier tracks that crossed over progressive, tech and electro. The result of his set was evident on crowds’ faces as they either gyrated happily into randoms holding drinks at the bar, or moved towards the outdoor seating area to avoid busting an eardrum. I chose the latter.

Of course for those who were there, a majority were to be anticipating the set by the duo of Jon Pearn and Nick Bridges. This wait was deemed over at a tick past midnight when the unmistakable voice of Luciana blasted over the lower level speakers, and got the kids running to the dancefloor quicker than bad curry – and once again into patrons who were holding drinks. The trademark Bodyrox sound did seem to lack some shine without the live vocals of Luciana on tap, but the boys made that up by banging out some top notch electro with their accompanying drummer who beat his little heart out. By mid-set, no fewer than five couples who were either too into the music or too intoxicated could be spotted in full view groping one another (my mates kept count). Could it be the effects of too much fun due to good music? Or was this simply an act of holiness where by devout believers took drinking wine and getting nailed that night too literally?

I have to admit though the boys did seem to have let it go a bit towards the end of their set. I was oddly unimpressed by the mashing of their track Yeah Yeah with Run DMC’s It’s like that. Were they trying something new? Who knows. So long as they were having fun and so were the crowds. And what happened to Carl Kennedy you ask? I don’t know. I’ve still no idea what the darned guy looks like.

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