Guy J @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (09/05/09)

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Arriving early, and breezing through the lineup and the usual expected social interaction, I set up in the Cave, marking out my territory during the set from warm up wizard Club Junque who was in the middle of a swirling wind of floating music, enticing everyone into a mood of brilliant techno/progressive music. However, tonight things were a little different, despite having the trademark floating sounds, this warm up set was also harder, as if wind were carving out the sound from the sandstone that adorns the room, some parts were rough and edgier, offset by more vocal tracks bringing interest from plenty of people who may not be cave regulars, as always Club Junque was immaculately smooth, forming the perfect platform for the big man, Guy J himself, to take the mound again.

Though diminutive in size, the Israeli master of beautiful music made himself heard with sounds that were a little harder than most expected. The first hour especially, despite being full of brilliant tracks seemed to lack some of the continuity and brilliant progression that his last hour certainly did bring. Playing an array of unreleased edits of his own hand along with the already acclaimed masterpieces such as Lunar, Fall Star and his own Pjanoo edit, Guy J proceeded to create a frenzied crowd over the second hour, with plenty of hands in the air moments, and lots of places for the mighty techno fist to make a high, hard, pumping appearance, the set building to an epic peak from which Matttt was left to continue.

The Cave resident took the challenge and continued the mood of the night with a tough but incredibly desirable sound that kept the partygoers reveling all night, keeping the vibe and energy going till the final 4AM gong sounded.

Whilst the Cave crowd was in rapturous applause the Laundry room generals were not be forgotten, with Jeff Drake (and Adam Zae on microphone duties) cranking out the best that electro has to offer. From all reports, they created the type of atmosphere to bring in all and sundry for a crazy time, with the fun and games that make Chinese Laundry the place it is.

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