Daniel Kandi @ Rise Nightclub, Perth (12/06/09)

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With only six months gone, it looks as though 2009 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record as far as trance is concerned here in Perth. Gigs and events, both big and small, have been off the hook every time and what’s more, there is still plenty in store. Last Friday, Rise Nightclub held one of the sweetest nights of the year as Perth’s home of trance played host to Denmark’s Daniel Kandi.

At a time when many trance DJs and producers are looking to a more techy, progressive style, Daniel Kandi has stuck to his guns and remained true to the epic, uplifting, hands-in-the-air trance sound. This 26 year-old has produced such dance floor favourites as Breathe, Child, Nova and Make Me Believe, countless remixes (including Oceanlab’s On A Good Day) and plans are in line for collaborative work with Simon Patterson, and when you add Kandi’s hosting duties of his radio show, Always Alive, the man is getting bigger and bigger.

Having heard Daniel Kandi’s two hour-long set for Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 400 (at Club Butan, Wuppertal Germany and Godskitchen, Birmingham UK), I did not quite know what to expect of him over a three hour slot. He did not waste any time in getting straight in to the full-on, hands-in-the-air action. Looking over at the DJ booth it was great to see Kandi enthusiastically engaging and interacting with his crowd. The three hours simply flew by as I only took a break from dancing my butt off to go and get a drink of water. Some have said that Kandi’s set lacked a bit of depth and diversity, but I didn’t mind what he was serving up one bit, as he dropped highlights including Above & Beyond’s Air Fore Life and Alex M.O.R.P.H. featuring Roberta Harris’ bangin’ vocal favourite Photograph, as well as his Daniel Kandi’s fantastic rework of On A Good Day. Later on, Kandi could be seen with new kid on the block, Heat1, behind the decks and another gorgeous highlight of the night occurred when Kandi dropped his very own Make Me Believe.

I must apologise to Heat1 and Rise resident Steven Tranzor, for half an hour after the conclusion of Kandi’s set, I needed to head home, thus missing their respective closing sets. I always like to stay on as late as possible and usually it is my friends who drag me kicking and screaming from the club, but this time it was I who needed to leave early. A huge thanks must go to all those involved with staging another epic chapter in the rise and rise of trance in Perth!


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kevinhau said on the 18th Jun, 2009

guess what... kandi came back again and played TILL 6!! how good is that