Street Launch @ Revolver, Melbourne (18/6/09)

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The usual game of Revolver’s Russian roulette: front room or backroom?

Naturally there was opportunity for both, but opting for the backroom lead to a heavy contrast between cluttered pre-parade spectators and the deserted second option.

In the backroom, relieved post-exam students adorned sofas of the renowned venue- making more use of personal space than the red roomy floorspace. Kicking DJs would often leave the decks unattended between bar and bathroom breaks, trusting the heavy-eyed crowd. Little excitement but a hell of a lot of candlelight heat with eclectic artwork and delectable vintage interiors.
On the flipside, the frontroom cleared space for a mini designer showcase. Weaving through onlookers to find the hottest view in the house. 100% of entry fees went toward the Australian Red Cross appeal, most entrants stood for the brief showing, paying visit to the bar and leaving as the DJ ‘birdcage’ was revealed.

Local fashion labels, Limedrop and Lenko were chosen to dictate wardrobes for next semester. As photographers and lighting co-coordinators drew up adrenalin, the space was filled with chatter and the bold response of DJs, GREG SIANAS and ROB SAMA. A mix of smooth talking funk with bass a-plentoir was rudely interrupted, when all music was told to halt. After an awkward pause, the hostesses entered the misty stage and multi-coloured spotlights. Before models emerged from an unseen stage curtain, the students announced their surprise regarding crowd-turn out. With cram-packed standing space we applauded LIMEDROP’s Winter range.

Splitting electro of Spanish brass featured as a soundtrack for the hollow woods of Limedrop. Here pinafores, cowl neck sweaters and straightjacket skivvies donned dolls and boys. Reflections of early morning concrete Queens in tartans and dusty blacks, with guys of the Winter forest in grey sweaters and olive slacks. The transition between designers allowed the DJs pulse to distract from cardiac arrests behind the scenes of the show. A dance angel saved the silence with LENKO’s medley of R&B featured a talent dressed in roaring black representing Dance Factory. Cropped and chopped, everything from her fingerless gloves to shorts and choppy fringe suggested an exposure of skin, long before the sunlight of Spring. Lenko’s black to grey dominance still hinted freshness in soft textures, clean cuts and hip graphics on top of tees. A short showcase meant students were dismissed. Definitely inspired to find themselves hunting through boutiques that coming weekend.

Holidays were now official and boy, were we shown how to celebrate. As black curtains were dismantled immediately after show, AGENT 86 played a wicked set for a tame crowd. Others went direct to pinball machines or resorted to the bar for one last sip. By 1AM there was a drought on the dancefloor, leaving the disco-clad clapping of DJs hanging. Though few students surpassed the burnt out crowd to swing with the rattling electro, it’s always nice to know Revolver’s arty “Senoritas” and “Hombres” restrooms are like an oasis to come to on any dull occasion.

Considering STREET LAUNCH was sub-lined ‘End of Semester Party’ – it was definitely excused for frail festivities. More of a great after-school get together than anything else, they winked and whispered, it’s kind of a ‘student thing’.

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