tyDi @ Rise Nightclub, Perth (03/07/09)

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Nothing, it seems, can abate the steady flow of big name trance DJs to our shores. Following on from a scintillating performance by Denmark’s Daniel Kandi less than a month ago, Rise had an equally as impressive guest in-store; Australia’s very own tyDi. With a three-hour extended set to play with, I could not help but wonder what the creator of Look Closer and master of glitchy, proggy trance would serve up. What was certain was that Rise would once again be packed to the rafters.

It came as no surprise to me that the line to enter Rise was as long as So Solid Crew’s rap sheet. Serves me right for arriving fashionably late, later than usual in fact, however I was through the door in time for the commencement of DJ GeRmAn’s birthday set. As ever, the atmosphere inside felt palpably alive. DJ GeRmAn’s warm-up sets always compliment the the headline act perfectly and this performance proved to be no exception. What better way to warm up for a master of the bleeps than with Arnej’s The Ones that Got Away, the melodic rock inspired This Moment by Nic Chagall feat. John Medelsohn and a personal favourite, Find Yourself by John O’Callaghan & Sarah Howells.

tyDi’s three-hour long stint behind the rig commenced in earnest with a track whose identity escapes me. Whatever it was, it had me glad that my fitness levels are on the increase, because nothing could tear me away from the dance floor. Naturally the atmosphere intensified even further as tyDi treated us to a few Jesus poses! A chin-stroker might say that tyDi’s set lacked in flow, and in parts I might have agreed, but that can be easily overlooked as during the climax of his set, tyDi dropped my favourite track of the year so far, Claudia Cacazu feat. Audrey GallagherFreefallin’.

I must confess, trance music would probably cop a lot less stick from fans of other styles of dance music if DJs did not insist on palying the same classics over and over again. Sure there may be a second side to the coin but at the end of the day I have heard As the Rush Comes a few too many times. Objectively speaking, the crowd didn’t mind, which I suppose is the main thing. tyDi’s set was marked by another epic floor-filler, one that combines the sounds of yesteryear and today; Gareth Emery vs. DeliriumThis Is Silence. Appropriately, tyDi received a huge round of applause from his adoring fans.

The crowd numbers remained relatively strong for most of the duration of Steven Tranzor’s set, however after nealry three hours of non-stop dance floor action, I was content to sit down and nod my head to his set with a drink in hand. One great thing about Rise is that it stays open right through until 6AM, and even though I could have stayed right until that final beat, my tired and jaded best friend wished to return home. I would have loved to witness Scott Nelson’s performance, as he is one of the trance scene’s freshest faces. A massive thanks must go to Rise and all those involved with staging yet another epic night of trance magic.


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kevinhau said on the 11th Jul, 2009

i would like to add the fact that he played "You Walk Away" with audrey gallagher and that ripped up the dance floor