Nexus @ Roxanne Parlour, Melbourne (07/08/09)

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Nexus has been a player in the local Trance market for over a year now putting themselves on the map hosting top notch Australian DJs and producers, and their latest event, at the small but perfectly formed Roxanne Parlour, was yet another legendary evening with a list of performers including Mike Nichol, Majera, Brendan B and Lumiera (live).

By the time we arrived Dave Thomas had already finished and Blinky, playing live, was thrashing the place with smart techy sounds setting the pace nicely as people gradually filtered in. Coats away, rum and cokes in hand and we were ready for Lumeria at 12AM. The trio of James Brooke, Sara Brooke and Myke Ireland have made a name for themselves as a local live act well worth checking out. With James DJing, Sara offering wistful vocals and Myke tweaking and merging the sounds, they offered up renditions of Fragma’s Toca Me, Dash Berlin’s Man On The Run and more. Sara has a perfect lead voice for trance and if the crew continue to perform as they did they really have a great future in the scene. The crowd really appreciated them and showed there respect with whoops and applause.

By 1AM the rapidly increasing, extremely mixed room were well revved up for the hard hitting tech trance DJ and producer Majera. Standing in front of the light wall, with lazers going and a team of loyal followers chanting his name he banged out a massive set of really great bass driven trance that worked the subwoofers to the max. He hit them hard with greats including Gareth Emery’s Exposure and his own tracks Velvet Sun and Remember When. The crowd loved it and by the time he finished there was something of a shuffle frenzy breaking out on the floor. It was a really professional performance from a local lad rapidly gaining fame.

Come two o’clock and headliner Mike Nichol took to the CDJs. His fans gave him a rapturous welcome which he responded to with waves and opening with his own new productions. As he effortlessly blended his signature melodic trance together he worked the room nicely playing Garry Heaney’s Citation and Andrelli and Blue’s Imagine (Mike Nichol Mix). Followers shook his hand and fake bowed as he rocked them towards the pinnacle of his set finishing off with his superb classic Durado. Experience really shows through and Mike has bags of it.

A few minor technical glitches aside due to equipment changeovers and Brendan B was into it full tilt straight after Mr Nichol. Brendan’s sound is driving European trance that gets under your skin and makes you hit the dancefloor hard, he was seriously rocking it when alas at 3.30AM I was told to get my coat because my lift home was leaving, sad to depart but its always best to go on a high.

Great DJs, an atmospheric venue and a totally up for it crowd made for a really memorable night. Nice work NexusBreed, next up Ronski Speed at Miss Libertines Oct 17th. Trancetastic!

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scoobersteve said on the 18th Aug, 2009

lol sorry but majera is not a tech-trance dj he plays melodic and uplifting trance!


Rocca said on the 19th Aug, 2009

nice review, but it needs more BBBAAAAASSSSSSSSS


vinyllicker said on the 20th Aug, 2009

scoobersteve, noted, genres merge all the time so the lines blurr, uplifting trance it is then. Rocca, sure it needs more BBBBAAAAASSSSSSSSS, but what it really requires is far more BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS