Big Day Out @ Claremont Showground, Perth (31/01/10)

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The last leg of the highly anticipated Big Day Out did not disappoint. The weather gods turned on a stunning hot day that provided a perfect back-drop for an awesome day to come. The crowds were pouring in early and the usual punters that either missed out on a ticket or couldn’t afford one were surrounding the boundaries looking for an opening to jump in.

British rockers Kasabian hitting the main stage where the first band off the list that I saw and absolutely blew me away. They provided the crowd with a very upbeat fast moving set, cementing their spot as artists not to be missed with numerous hits surprising the crowd. Their current hits in the triple j hottest 100 went off with a bang having a massive crowd moshing in the early hours of the day. The track Shoot the Runner was definitely a crowd favourite.

After a cracking set by Kasabian, the hugely popular The Temper Trap were in fine form. Starting off the set with an instrumental, all members hit the stage with a lot of energy especially the lead singer Dougy with his amazing vocals. The crowd seemed to know most of the words for all of the tracks, with Sweet Disposition a certain standout. Finishing with Science of Fear was something the Perth crowd relished in the sunlight.

We entered inside one of the old show buildings to see the first time visitors to Australia Passion Pit. Thinking that with the popular Hilltop Hoods on at the same time, the crowd would have been dispersed. But I was totally wrong, the crowd inside was huge as the lead said “Perth, were all here in this shed together”. Their set had a few sound problems, but these where out-weighed by the popular songs like “the reeling, moss wind and sleepyhead”. The crowd inside where going nuts listening to the indie sensations, with numerous wet and sweaty people filtering towards the back to get a breath of fresh air.

I caught the final part of Hilltop Hoods set which seemed to be going pretty mad. The boys on stage did the typical “bogans” favourite splitting the crowd into two sections, yelling “f*ck you at each other”, which sparked a fair bit of interest from the crowd. The number three Chase That Feeling in the hottest 100 countdown completed the Hilltops set.

Dizzee Rascal started off with a quite unusual set of music, the crowd were slowly recognising this music giant’s accolades and warming to him and his members throughout the set. With a huge following of girls on the side of his stage, Dizzee really revved up the crowd, chanting “don’t make me get old school”. He then progressed into the popular tunes of Dirtee Cash, Holiday and finishing off with the one and only Bonkers. This also got the majority of the eager Lily Allen crowd moving, even a douche bag that stood on a bin and copped a barrage of bottles from a “friendly” crowd.

It was time for incredibly talented Lily Allen to hit the stage, and didn’t she impress. Lily popped out in a sexy looking silver top with her band all in Mexican hats. I think the majority of the BDO crowd where there to see Lily and unfortunately due to the wind gusting through the showgrounds the sound was very muffled. Sometimes I couldn’t even hear her from less than 100 metres away from the stage. The sound did improve a little as she went through crowd favourites including a mix of Womanizer, It’s Not Fair and 22. After taking a break and smoking a ciggie during a song, she did a shirt change that prompted some serious Lily fans to show their appreciation. With a shirt change the crowd was hoping for a change in the sound, but this unfortunately didn’t happen.

The boiler room was creating a high intensity environment with Sasha pumping out some electronic grooves before the maestro of Calvin Harris hit the stage. Calvin got straight into the popular tracks and got the crowd bouncing from the beginning. Tracks like The Rain, Acceptable in the ‘80s came off very nicely and impressed the large following that Calvin has. His UK hit ready for the weekend was a site to see as the Perth followers looked like a flock of sheep with their hands in the air getting rounded up by a sheep dog.

Bernard Fanning showed his different side to the Perth crowd with a cleanly cut, smart looking identity. It seems that when ever he comes to Perth he loves this place and said to the crowd “why don’t they have 10 big day outs in Perth”. He also referred to the crowd as a “dynamite audience” during his set. Powderfinger have always been loved by the Perth crowd and this was reflected from the numbers that turned out. The stage back drops where the best fro the festival ranging from bizarre red sets, starry nights and a disco ball to finish off. This was a complete sing a long session as Powderfinger played favourites like Bless my Soul, Know Your Way, These Days, My Happiness and Lost and Running.

Although I did not see much of the headliners Muse, the show I did see was bloody good. This is a very talented bunch of Brits that know how to perform to a large audience. Although their set was a little slow going, the crowd seemed to be all over it. The setting of the Full moon rising over the stage made it all that much better.

Groove Armada were up next and what a way to finish off an unbelievable day out. The dance moves coming from the stylish Becky where very impressive and flowed through the crowd like electricity. Whether the tracks they played where new ones or old favourites it didn’t matter. The audience was in absolute awe of Groove Armada especially to the track My Friend. The Boiler Room was cranking as a majority of the crowd where packed either inside or up-top in the drinking area. For those that missed Groove Armada, sucks to be you.

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cozza147 said on the 22nd Feb, 2010

umm sasha played a few sets after calvin harris