Family pres. Black & White @ Family, Brisbane (20/02/10)

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The famous black and white parties at Family are usually quite popular with the punters. The latest instalment, however, proved to be the exception; with mass of the crowd looking like it usually does in the early hours of opening. This could have been due to the day also hosting the massive Soundwave and Good Vibrations festivals. Maybe most of the usual crowd were just a bit too buggered and opted to take it easy for the night. Going to a regular club and finding it virtually unpopulated can sometimes be good for a bit of a chill out. The problem with this though, is that if I wanted to chill out I wouldn’t go to Family. Known as being the biggest party in the valley over the weekend, Family nightclub is hardcore clubbing, none of this quaint little lounge bullshit. Therefore, a big crowd is essential to the night’s levels of being hardcore. I know that I, for one, was feeling a bit let down. Bit of a shame really, given a bit more of a crowd this could have been a real winner.

All is not lost though; With great tunes being heard throughout the establishment from top to bottom, coupled with Family’s usual head spinning array of lights and smoke. The huge hanging LED panels in the main room are a new addition, giving a nice touch to the open dance floor. One of the few venues that really allow you to see the music as it plays.

As the beats started up for the night, spinning from underneath the fingers of Jeremy Iliev and Tim Plunkett, the crowd slowly responded. Given another hour or so and those little blank patches in the main room dance floor slowly started to fill up. Big room house mixed with some abstract electro seemed to be the theme for the night, carrying through with Habebe vs. Tim Plunkett on dueling decks. The music was nice and consistent through to Jeremy Broughton vs. Stuart Goodfella Staples. There wasn’t a second between 11pm and 4am that I wasn’t busting out in my mind (and on the dance floor) to the tunes, a rare feat for myself. Snaps to the DJ’s.

I headed towards the front door as I was about to leave and I was hit with the same sad thought I always do when around the cloak room area… Why doesn’t the giant hanging robot move anymore? Some of the more seasoned club goers would remember this too, I am considering putting together a Facebook petition to advocate this. Any takers?

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