Subsects @ Newmarket Lounge, HQ, Adelaide (16/04/10)

Image for Subsects @ Newmarket Lounge, HQ, Adelaide (16/04/10)

One clear Friday night in April, Adelaide felt the tremor, the deep vibration, the walls shaking and everything around them trembling. Many were in fear – or at least in surprise. However there was one place in Adelaide where everyone was fine. In fact, the power of this movement was warmly welcomed.

Most people were quivering due to the strongest earthquake recorded in Adelaide in some time. Instead, at HQ, no one even noticed the earth’s movement, as the floor, the walls and the people were already being moved by the powerful bass-lines and broken beats of dubstep.

If this is what Adelaide is to get used to (and indeed we should be) we’re going to be a spoiled bunch. This night marked the opening and the beginning of a weekly dubstep and broken beat event, Subsects. Being held in the Newmarket Lounge at No.1 West Terrace, the venue was getting quite busy as early as 11, which is early for Adelaide’s standards. And from then on, it was all off-beat bliss.

The event promoter, loyal advocate and DJ Counterpart, started the night off playing hard from the get-go, dropping tracks from Borgore, Funtcase and a medley of Benga. Qzyphus seemed to play an eclectic but moving sound of his own, and Desh played a polished and dark set, as he always does, dropping some of his own productions into the mix. Macro played his tribal styled dubstep beats, making for a perfect transition into Patch and Skippy’s set. The pair moved it on to drum ‘n bass, something that has always been at home in Adelaide.

It seems now that dubstep is continuing to makes its presence known here. With a range of artists to appear over the coming weeks and months – such as Moshman, Mikey, and John Doe, and other special appearances such as vocalist Lauren Neko and Melbourne stars Affiks and A13 – we’re going to see an amazing dark, heavy force take over this city. Stay tuned.

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