Partycatchers @ Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne (01/05/2010)

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What do you get when you release thirty young Sydney-siders into the wild Melbourne city and surrounds with tickets to an exclusive party and a GPS tracking device? Mayhem of the awesome kind.

That’s just what Telstra did when they created Partycatchers simultaneous events in Melbourne and Sydney to promote the new Nokia 97 navigator with GPS. Collecting up-to-the-minute acts and a genius concept, inthemix was invited to share in the festivities including drinks, finger food and a damn good show at Ding Dong Lounge.

Snob Scrilla kicked things off by warning the young crowd that if they didn’t get themselves on the dance floor he was going to physically come and drag them to it himself and that he did. Three songs in, an instrumental track had Scrilla hauling punters down to the front and recruiting a few excited party-goers to help him out. Way to get things going! Snob Scrilla has an old school hip hop voice mixed with fresh tunes and the best party attitude, definitely bringing an individual flavour. Not just there for show, he hung around and mingled, chatting and posing for photos in the Polite in Public instant photo booth.

Pocket rocket DJ Dexter provided some sweet beats in between, definitely feeling the vibe of the room and throwing out a funky blend of hip hop, breakbeat and electro. I would have been happy for him to keep playing for hours, but as I discovered – there was plenty more to come.
Borrowing some costume inspiration from Daft Punk, Space Invadas led by veteran Katalyst, graced the stage in Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett masks, only to rock Sunday session style. This was probably more suited to a St Kilda festival – given the demographic – but they rocked it nonetheless. Those over the age of 21 definitely appreciated the modern soul sound.
It appears Melbourne party-goers have stamina for very quickly once the clock struckt 11.30pm, the room was full of people dancing and mingling. Whilst I prefer Ding Dong when it is not jam-packed, it certainly lifted the atmosphere up a few notches. Miami Horror – this time in band form – rocked the crowd, especially with the newly packed floor getting right into it. With the group about to start their Moon Theory Tour on May 14, it seemed that they were good to go. Ben Platt impressed the Sydney ladies with his vocal styling. It seems eighties-tinged electro is very “this minute”.

Ding Dong eventually opened up to their regular crowd with the kids rocking the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. This event was definitely a great concept with a perfect blend of fresh new faces on the music scene and some big names to please those of us who weren’t born in the nineties. If the chance comes to grab one – don’t hesitate to get your hands on tickets!

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