Friends of MyAeon launch @ MyAeon, Melbourne 08/05/2010

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A few dedicated early comers braved the cold to make it down to MyAeon on Sydney Road to warm up the room for the first edition of the new regular night, Friends of MyAeon. Once I battled through the tram track works and made it out to Brunswick, I got ready for what was looking to be a stellar line-up from Melbourne’s best techno nights.
Interesting visuals from VJ Inxile provided a backdrop for some smooth beats from Danni B of Tickled Pink. With a lot to be said for bodies to create atmosphere, the night did start off fairly slowly with a lot of empty space still at midnight. Toward the end of her set, Danni stepped it up a notch as the punters started trickling in with a bit more gusto. Lance Harrison followed on with chunky awesomeness and cool samples, but lost crowd interest halfway, dropping the energy levels briefly before picking it up again, carrying through and finishing with a bang. Bryce Lawrence brought out something a bit more mellow, the more chilled out vibe definitely being a little more older-crowd friendly. Up until this point it had been easy on the ears but not exactly raging and then suddenly it turned around, rocking a full room around 2:30am. I was really impressed with Sam McEwin from Melbourne Techno Collective, bringing the level up and rocking the party. I struggled to stay off it, but Sam gathered whistles and hollers from the dance floor and really got things going. I’ll be looking out for more of Sam around town for sure. Highlight of the night for me.
I was disappointed that Ranjit Nijjer from Technoir and Freya were playing one after another last in the night as I wasn’t confident of my stamina for sticking it out until dawn and was really looking forward to hearing them. My persistence paid off, however, as the night kept going up and up in quality. When I heard Yello’s Oh Yeah (that song from Ferris Bueller), I immediately returned from the other room to a dance floor full of people absolutely loving it. Ranjit and Freya both totally killed it and after anticipating an early night, I found myself hailing a cab at 6am out the front of the club.
Friends of MyAeon ended up being middle of the road in terms of attendance and not too far a stretch from the regular nights but the line-up just kept getting better and better, making me wonder what factors were influencing the lack of crowd. The venue is really great for these sorts of nights, with a quieter front room/bar, a main room with adequate space for a boogie and a courtyard with plenty of room for another DJ if the night called for it.
Grab a couch in the front section, the bartenders can be a bit useless but the sound is carried through at just the right levels to be able to listen and easily maintain a conversation without straining your voice. Rug up though, because we’re getting into the cold of winter and there’s a queue to get into the huddle around the courtyard fireplace.

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