Sunset pres. Thrillseekers & Martin Roth @ Brown Alley (14/05/2010)

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After losing my phone on the way to Brown Alley, I wasn’t feeling as though there was much to be thrilled about. But as soon as I walked in, the tunes were phat and the floor was packed. My night was immediately guaranteed to get better.

Sunset brought us two great international DJs over the course of the night with our locals ready to rock. Brown Alley have taken advantage of the opportunity to create an awesome upstairs smoking deck, avoiding the previous crowded alleyway from before. You can still hear the music – especially with the upstairs room housing some great local DJs including James Brooke, Nick Asker and Algorithm providing no need to rush back inside.

The dance floor was packed from the start of Martin Roths’s fantastic three hour techno/ progressive/ trance set. The crowd were loving it as he just kept on building track after track. The loyal fans were out in force making plenty of noise, with Roth pulling out some amazing tunes, particularly when he dropped a little Faithless into the mix, though I especially loved hearing The Eric Prydz Remix of Not Going Home. You really could feel the energy in the room.

During the three hours of Thrillseekers, the dance floor started getting a little sparse, particularly toward the end though Steve Helstrip still pulled out some classics including Markus Schultz and Andy Moor’s Daydream and one of my favourite tracks by Jes with her cover of The Cure’s Lovesong. We were also treated to Savanna mashed up with Carrie Skipper’s Time Goes By.

The headliners’ late finish no doubt contributed towards the thinning crowd by the end of the night, as people struggled to keep their energy up for six hours of goodness. What it lacked in for crowd-staying power, the standard dual laser set-up was still popular and there were still plenty of hands in the air for all of the big tracks. I was especially happy to hear Motorcycle’s As The Rush Comes still get a spin, even if some people commented there was too much vocal trance for them to cope with. I wish I could hear both of the sets back over as it was a great balance of techno and trance that would have provided the best of both worlds to those sitting on the fence or those holding fast in their camps. But with a few drinks with my mates and some excellent tuneage, this was what going out was all about.

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chrisg72 said on the 31st May, 2010

Did Steve play any Insigma tracks?