Two Door Cinema Club @ Adelaide Uni Bar, Adelaide (29/07/2010)

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A touching sports team-like huddle preceded Irish indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club’s entrance to the Adelaide Uni Bar stage. I’m not sure what was said, but from all accounts, it seemed the boys could barely contain the excitement on their faces in anticipation of their first gig on Australian shores. Succinctly put, “they just looked so frothing to be there.” The same could be said of the young hip sold out crowd – who took consolation in the week night gig, considering they’d be missing the band’s set at Splendour in the Grass two days later. Arriving early to the already bustling Uni Bar, I was lucky enough to catch all of local act The Salvadors’ set. Despite a mediocre opening track, I was more than pleasantly surprised by the well-dressed Adelaide boys and girl, and their soothing take on the indie/pop sound. Vampire Weekend comparisons are not out of place here. The sublime Atacama Disco was a highlight. By the time The Salvadors were finished, the combination of their fine set and more than a few cold ones had me amped for a dance.

To be completely honest, save for a few brief listens to tracks on Two Door Cinema Club’s Myspace page (which didn’t impress me a great deal), I had heard little of the band before the gig. My knowledge of the “cool music the kids are listening to these days” has suffered a lot. I’m glad to say my initial reaction to their music during the Myspace encounter was quickly forgotten after the band began to play.

“Infectious” is an oft-used word I’m hesitant to write – but the shoe fits. These guys sound a little like Death Cab for Cutie sped up with a dose of electro – much dancier and arguably more accessible. But it was their energy on stage that had me hooked. The stoke the boys took in performing – obvious from their pre-gig team huddle and beaming smiles – rubbed off on the crowd, and we lapped up their “infectious” tunes with vigour. Come Back Home , This is the Life , and Something Good Can Work , all from their debut album Tourist History, were my favourites on the night.

There were three important lessons to take from the gig: 1. don’t judge a band on a single brief listen to a few tracks on Myspace, 2. a geeky exterior can mask really decent musical talent, and 3. Ireland has produced some decent musicians other than Westlife and Boyzone ... or Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison and The Cranberries.

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