Trashbags & Sound Junkies pres. D.I.M. @ Roxanne's Parlour, Melbourne (10/09/2010)

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There’s something strange about reviewing the final night of something. The normal reason for a review is to tell people what they’re going to go see, where as for the finale, you’re telling people what they missed out on. So, to everyone that wasn’t at the final Trashbags in Melbourne: you really missed out on an amazing night.

That said; the event started really slow. Even as people were starting to turn up during the first hour, Not Another DJ was forced to play Daft Punk twice in a desperate attempt to get people onto Roxanne’s Parlour’s main floor. He really pulled out all the stops to try and get the dance floor started, which was impressive, but extremely under-appreciated.

Meanwhile, in the Rise to the Occasion side room, Aress was having similar problems. He had a good set planned, but it was way too heavy to lure the far smaller side room’s dance floor started. Had his set been later in the night, I think it would have gone over far better. Back in the main room 1928 had stepped up to the communal CDJ’s. Like with Aress, his set was too heavy for the small dance floor. His solution? Get even heavier. This started to get people onto the floor, once they realised that this was the night they were in for.

This meant that when Smetch vs Jimmy took over in the side room and started playing a far more mainstream set, (even dropping a Katy Perry remix at one point) it was not only refreshing, but it actually got the dance floor started. Smetch vs Jimmy are a couple of young guys on the scene, but I’d keep an eye out. Their track choice really works off the energy of the floor. The crowd at the event were mostly university aged, and these guys, barely still in high school, were really able to tap in that. Kris Baha has got to be one of the most versatile DJ’s in Melbourne. He could probably play any gig, to any audience, no problem. Every set of his I’ve heard has been completely different to the previous one. They’ve also all been in the same style as the headliner of the respective nights, and perfect for his time slot. Whatever the mood of the night is, he hones in on it and picks his tracks accordingly.

Finally, D.I.M. took to the decks. His set wasn’t just off the hook. It tore the hook off the wall and the wall off the club. I’m surprised everything remained intact. Highlight of the night was when he unleashed *SebastiAn*’s Killing in the Name Of remix, taking the dance floor and turning it into a mosh pit in the process. After his set, I got in a quick word with D.I.M. who expressed his gratitude. “I love the energy here in Melbourne. It’s a really fun place. So I’m glad that finally, I get a good set in Melbourne.” Good set? More like great set.

This night was massive, and near impossible to follow. Hence, I’m kind of glad that there’s not going to be another Trashbags in Melbourne. I don’t have to worry about anything competing with the memory.

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