Harbourlife 2010 @ Mrs Macquarie's Point, Sydney (20/11/2010)

Image for Harbourlife 2010 @ Mrs Macquarie's Point, Sydney (20/11/2010)

On Saturday a 70/30-percent mix of radsters and rejects from Jersey Shore converged on the spectacular Sydney Harbour foreshore for one of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing and unique small music festivals, Habourlife.

This ‘small bar’ style festival is the perfect mix of location and music, giving punters the festival experience without all the elements that can make going to events like this a major ordeal. Small crowds meant short wait times for the toilets and bars, and it also meant that you didn’t need to tap into you inner CIA agent to maneuver from place to place. Vintage furniture placed sporadically throughout the park was appreciated providing guests room to sit back with some drinks and chill out with a rad view and an awesome live soundtrack.

Sosueme DJs and Knightlife started the proceedings by playing electro tracks to punters eager to get the party started. Next up UK electro pop outfit Metronomy hit the stage playing signature tracks from their discography including songs from their latest effort The English Riviera. The band got the crowd dancing to their electro beats and swaying to the lead singer’s Joseph Mount’s sweet vocals. Their music works amazingly on my iPhone but I was expecting something a little more with their live performance. I had heard they were mind-blowingly epic in the flesh and at this stage of my Habourlife experience nothing had quite been blown.

Flight Facilities followed and got the crowd warmed up and in the mood to dance, but it was the entrance of the Yacht Club DJs that got the kids in a tizzy. The Aussie DJ duo owned the crowd with their mix of old and new school genres. Think Mumford and Sons mashed with Florence and the Machine fading into Beastie Boys or the Roger Ramjet theme song mixed with some Regurgitator. Fuck yes!

Other artists they ‘mashed’ that had me in a non-drug-induced frothing fit included Hole, Jimmy Eat World, Daft Punk and their closer, a mix of Prisoner Of Society by The Living End. The mash-up masters rocked as hard as the crowd, producing a manic house party vibe which was fun to be a part of.

Next up Ember continued the momentum, spinning club anthems such as Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce alongside indie favourites such as Phoenix’s 1901. After the set it was time for the headliners The Temper Trap. As a result, the mood of the crowd shifted accordingly.

The band projected a mellow mood as they entered the stage opening with an instrumental. Lead singer Dougy Mandagi then showcased his flawless vocals as they started playing Rest. Their atmospheric sound worked with the tranquil environment as they played tracks from the debut album Conditions. The crowd let out dispersed cheers as they played favourites such as Fader, Down River and Love Lost as the harbour sporadically lit up with fireworks.

The band ended their set with their signature song Sweet Disposition, providing the band with the biggest reaction of the night. The punters sang along with conviction while more frisky patrons made out with each other. For the encore The Temper Trap came back and wowed the crowd with a final song, Science of Fear, wrapping up the epic event.

This year Habourlife took a risk with a genre shift, and I think it worked. Habourlife 2010 was like an epic house party; it was chilled and electric, but more than anything it was fun. I think at least 70-percent of the crowd would agree…