Club Paradiso @ Salt On The Beach, Perth (01/01/2011)

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When the first day of the New Year rolls around, most people would are lying in bed with regret or at least a huge hangover. While this year was no different, something else was in store for New Year’s Day. Club Paradiso was at Salt on the Beach, which is currently in its third year, and it provides Perth one of the biggest events to kick off the New Year in style.

Arriving at the venue I was quite amazed at the level of commitment Limelite and the venue staff itself had put into making the location seem like a proper beach party without being physically on the beach. Two stages were set up in the venue, one being indoor showcasing local talent such as Mel B, Maxwell, and The Pearly Whites. Outdoors presented international talent like Digitalism and French techno king Sebastien Leger.

As the day continued on, the venue filled to capacity and the free platters of food started rolling out to the welcoming punters in attendance. Enjoying the day was a big plus as there were ample places to sit and have a drink or chat with mates on the outside area before returning to the party. Everything in the setting suited the event well.

Digitalism took the stage to a lowering sun and began its set with some indie-ish electro house, including their own track Pogo, to break in the mood. It suited the time of day quite well as most of the crowd was enjoying the sunset. Once it was down, however, like a light switch the boys kicked up a notch and began its assault on the general public. Harder tracks such as Prodigy’s Breathe set the tone as the crowd began shifting from a chilled-out beach day to one that would be remembered for a long time.

Before long it was time for Sebastien Leger to take the stage. Unlike the previous set, he broke straight away into some great techno that kicked every party-goer into a dancing frenzy. Not even his chain-smoking could stop his exquisite mixing ability, and the crowd really appreciated his efforts. Techno heads from around the room turned the entire restaurant into a dancefloor, dancing along for hours to the continuous stream of great tracks from the Frenchman.

Overall the event had a great collection of local and international artists, and the venue, whilst small, was actually just the right size for this kind of event. Drink lines were short and the people in attendance actually seemed like they were there to hang out with mates and party as opposed to overcrowded festivals where it is quite the opposite. Club Paradiso was definitely was one of the better-run and organised events I have been to in a long time.

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