Laidback Luke @ The Met, Brisbane (28/01/2011)

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After a festival stint at Winter Sound System last year, Laidback Luke made his way back to Brisbane for a near sold-out show at the Met. On this particular night, the Met is filled with high-tech lights and strobes, partnered with split video screens behind the DJ booth on the stage. Images of pistols, Michael Jackson and cartoon speech bubbles with the word ‘BOOM’ in them fill the screens tonight and grab the attention of the crowd.

First up is Andee, who attracts the crowd to the dancefloor with upfront house music. Although Andee fills his set with a few too many build-ups, the bass gets the crowd moving as they jump around and dance like there’s no tomorrow. The music at this point is a perfect level; not too loud but plenty of bass.

People not dancing observe from the top level as two dancers in sparkly, purple bikinis come out to the left and right of the stage and whip their hair back and forth to Andee’s synth-driven house. Whether the general opinion on the dancers is positive is anyone’s guess, but most of the males ogle the girls nonetheless. At the same time, two more girls enter the cages and dance above the upper dancefloor.

Next up is Nick Galea, who gets ready for his set as an MC announces Laidback Luke will be on soon. The crowd reacts with shouts and cheers. By 12:30 the bottom dance floor is swarming with youngsters eager to catch headliner.

Midway through Galea’s set, slowly people stop moving until he starts clapping to the beat of Eveything But The Girl’s Missing, and they all start dancing again. Galea also drops in two Daft Punk songs and remixes of Shiny Disco Balls and It’s Like That by Run DMC.

At about 1am, the crowd is chanting “Laidback Luke! Laidback Luke!” as they anticipate one of the hottest DJs in the world at the moment. The MC introduces him and by this time, there’s nothing but a sea of people covering the dancefloor.

Luke kicks off with a bass-heavy electro tune riddled with samples. At the end of the track, he spins it right back and slows it down, then speeds it up, playing with the crowd. The DJ is all smiles as the crowd dance and sing along to the MSTRKRFT hit Heartbreaker. Again, he spins the track right back and gets straight into Hey!, his floor-filling collaboration with Diplo. Throughout his set, Laidback Luke shows no sign of slowing down, bringing a barrage of club bangers until the crowd is well and truly exhausted from the ride.

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