Dekonstruct feat. Derrick Carter @ Pretty Please, Melbourne (18/02/2011)

Image for Dekonstruct feat. Derrick Carter @ Pretty Please, Melbourne (18/02/2011)

Derrick Carter is an absolute legend of the dance music scene, and has the skills and musical prowess to outlast almost any DJ worldwide. His cult status has created a legion of diehard, dedicated fans that follow his every move. The release of his upcoming Fabric compilation (due out next month) has thrust his name back into the picture, and reminded the world why he is one of the best.

Many lucky people had their chance to catch him perform recently in Melbourne at Pretty Please in St Kilda. The venue was small in size and made for a great way to catch the Chicago house star. It was very intimate, and the sound system was great.

As soon as he came on, you could tell this was a man with presence. For some who have been following him for years, or even decades, it was surreal to see him so up close and personal. And for what it’s worth, he was so goddamn cool. Not just with the tunes he played, which definitely did not disappoint, but with his demeanour. He was calm, collected and deeply into his music.

There weren’t many ‘throw your hands in the air’ moments throughout the set, because that was the embodiment of the whole night. Listening back to his earlier sets, I found he sounded fresher, and maybe a little more bouncier. A lot of the tracks he used for his Fabric CD were played – my personal favourite was Abraham Inc’s Moskowitz Remix – which gave his performance a newer vibe. Nonetheless, he did not shy from playing the classics, and pleased everyone with songs like The More I Get The More I Want from Teddy Pendergrass.

At least twice, the music stopped dead. I still am not sure what exactly happened, and I doubt it was due to Carter himself, but this in no way faltered the mood. The music would restart, and it felt like nothing happened at all. The tone stayed the same his entire set, and it was almost a struggle to actually get off the dancefloor.

Carter played well into the night, lasting over four hours on his own, and doing so with absolute ease. Every single person seemed to share their appreciation of the man and his music, making for a very spirited atmosphere. There were no pretentious snobs trying to look good. It was a great night, with an indisputably great DJ, and a great crowd to dance with. For those that missed the set, it’s probably a good idea to get a hold of his new CD to get idea of what it was like.