Elite Force @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (20/05/2011)

Image for Elite Force @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (20/05/2011)

From the epic crescendo opening to the last reverberations of his set in Laundry, Elite Force was (egads, you had to expect the pun sometime, right?!) most definitely an elite force to be reckoned with. Bringing his special blend of tech, funk, house, electro and breaks, the man otherwise known as Simon Shackleton pretty much brought down the house.

The place was already high octane by the time Elite Force got behind the decks, but from his incredibly catchy tunes and the outrageously infectious energy emanating from the man himself, everyone in the crowd upped the ante and managed to go that little bit harder.

Using two decks, the fanciest Pioneer mixer, Serato and Novation Dicers, Elite Force created new mixes of old favourites and set-to-be classics on the fly. He was a pleasure to watch, hands constantly up to something, grinning all the while. He regularly reprimanded his audience for not making enough noise, which, sure enough got them amped all over again. I’ve never seen the DJ having more fun that the crowd, but I think I can count this as the first. And that’s saying something, considering the crowd was pretty darn pleased.

He belted out tracks from the likes of Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and The (older) Killers as well as some of his own creations, M.A.D. and Shaolin Style. He never missed a beat and never failed to find new flavour for the old dance classics. He also mixed in a few dubstep tracks, and unlike the genre DJs, he kept it light and fast and kept the broken beat there, which was refreshing. There was no point at which you had to readjust your tempo or slow to dance in half-time. It was as fluid as fluid can get.

Elite Force has been on the circuit for a good time, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. He keeps it vibrant and seems to be having more fun than ever, knowing how to combine the best aspects of all genres to make a party soundtrack that makes the club shake. And by all accounts, it was a freaking fun night.


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