Hybrid Sound System @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (24/09/11)

Image for Hybrid Sound System @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (24/09/11)

I think Fight Club got it wrong when they said the second rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club. I’m pretty sure they meant that the second rule is “never go to Laundry sober on a saturated Saturday night”.

First off, I have to say that Hybrid was good. Not all that I’d hoped, but certainly not bad. Chris (for it wasn’t the whole Hybrid team) knows how to bend a four-hour set. The structure, the rise and the fall, the visceral bass, the lead-up tracks and the real bangers were all timed to perfection. The man knows what he’s doing, no questions there. Where I wanted to see more atmospheric and lyrical stuff, he stuck to a tight techno/beat-oriented feel. And he did it with finesse.

For me, the disappointment was in the atmosphere. Laundry is generally a great place to go. It’s about the music and the dancing. Saturday night I found something lacking. Immediately upon entering the Cave, I a mixture of every possible bodily odour there. And the fist pumping from sweaty boys did not help.

The volume (as usual for Laundry) was at maximum and even though I had my earplugs, I came away with my ears bleeding. Frankly, I want to be listening to music for the rest of my life, and find it pretty disturbing that even using professional earplugs, I come away with tinnitus. It might’ve just been me. I do hope so. I found the vibe of the place all wrong. Usually I’m confronted with happy, friendly punters. But this time I only found people with no sense of space or respect.

Anyway, enough bitching. The tunes were good and a dance was had. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s about. It was a shame I wasn’t inclined to stick out the whole four hours. I know if you asked many other people there (especially the group right down the front singing along and conducting the basslines – love your work, by the way) they’d have a completely different take.


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