DubRave @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (23/09/11)

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A stranger to Chinese Laundry’s infamous DubRave parties, I resolved that it was time to venture forth into the bass-crazy Friday nights and discover what they have on offer.

With doors opening at ten, the first set went to Will Styles. Styles skilfully delivered wall-to-wall bass and screaming wobbles to the crowd, his remix of Drop the Pressure by Mylo proving especially well received. He followed this up with the likes of Roughneck Bass by Skrillex and an absolute monster Super Mario remix.

Half past eleven saw a turn in the intensity of the audience, with DubRavers suddenly packing into the club. Despite the influx, cigarettes were stubbed and the bar emptied as the floor filled, with people bypassing the drinks and opting for a dance instead. I perched on top of one of the many old washing machines that make up the clubs decor and watched as Styles played masterfully over the people below.

The clock ticked over to midnight and brought with it an almost seamless transition between acts. MC Hayley Boa was kind enough to point out an accidental rewind from Styles, using the opportunity to get to know the audience.

Boa and Flux-3 made a terrific first impression, their set banging hard right from the get go. The dubby electro beats from Flux were punctuated by the vocals of Boa at the breakdown and hook, with their opening tracks proving particular crowd favourites. While there’s nothing wrong with a solo DJ performance, the addition of an MC injected a definite kick into the atmosphere and created a different type of buzz from the crowd.

Next up, MC Sureshock and Gilsun took the stage, keeping up the night’s nonstop atmosphere and smashing it well into the morning. Over in The Cave section of the club, Slick 50 and Audiobotz did their thing. Struz and Deli took care of the Laundry and finished up their massive set at four am – I hear having given it everything including the kitchen sink.

It may have been the sound system at Laundry or possibly stuffed ears on my part, but the music seemed a tad more distorted than usual. I like loud music as much as the next dub-step aficionado, but after a short trip up front my ears were ringing like the proverbial bell! It was also disappointing that Grimace was unavailable – according to DubRave, he is tied up in Asia.

In all, everybody seemed to have a great night and the DubRave certainly did deliver on their promise of mad, big bass tunes. I’m not sure who scored the Nero vinyl for the ‘best wacky sunglasses’ prize, but whoever you are – nice one.


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