Fat As Butter Festival @ The Foreshore, Newcastle

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This year’s Fat as Butter music festival was full of surprises: both great and devastating.

The new foreshore venue was pleasantly welcomed by the crowds as it entailed a sweet breeze off the water often missing in other venues. Whilst this may have been welcomed, the missing acts from Owl Eyes and headliner Flo Rida was not. The transport issues with rising star Owl Eyes set the Butter Stage behind schedule and soon, the whole festival fell behind with it – with punters confused as to where to go and when, often waiting for lengthy periods for their favourite acts. This, of course, set punters furious with the non-appearance of Flo Rida on the main Fat Stage.

Amongst the confusion and upset of the proceedings, festival-goers were still given a day to remember, with notable acts such as Naughty by Nature, The Living End and Empire of the Sun.

Festival-goers walked in the door to a nightlife atmosphere, with club anthems gracing the entrance as punters roasted in the sun to get in. Despite the organisation and all but smooth proceedings of the day, Fat as Butter was set up as a festival-to-remember – with an ideal venue, music in every direction and ideally located bars.

The Butter Stage set the ideal scene for those keen to enjoy the music rather than the hot, sweaty mosh-pits. Musical talent on the Butter stage ranged from ‘get-up and jump’ hip-hop of The Herd and Funkoars to popular talent Jonathan Boulet and Sparkadia to alternative band Cloud Control. This huge range kept punters moving between stages the whole day, with music for every type of festival-goer. The most crowd-pleasing of this stage were by far The Herd, Sparkadia and Cloud Control, getting the crowd on their feet and jumping with every tune.

The Fabio Stage truly set the night-club scene, with crowd-pleasers and popular club names such as Timmy Trumpet, Israel Cruz, Havana Brown, Flight Facilities and huge club DJs The Aston Shuffle. Everything contributed to the perfect atmosphere at the Fabio Stage from the heat to the coincidently close bar, from the proximity to the main stage and the deafening club anthems. This stage ran better than smoothly and kept the punters going all through the day and the night.

The Fat Stage featured some huge names considering the festival size. Most crowd-pleasing was the appearance of The Living End and Empire of the Sun – having fans standing their ground at front-of-stage for hours before their appearance. Other popular names including Calling All Cars, British India and The Jezabels had fans going crazy despite the intensity of heat during the day and the incredible behind-ness of the whole festival. Lucky for the festival staff, these bands were satisfying fans as the non-appearance of Flo Rida outraged the people waiting for hours in the stark heat.

If this year’s Fat as Butter demonstrated anything, it is that this festival is getting bigger every year – although it still has a long way to go. Whilst there were several disappointments for fans, there were numerous crowd-pleasers during the day, and I believe that this festival will only get better from here.


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