360 'Falling and Flying' tour @ Annandale Hotel, Sydney (12/11/2011)

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After the release of Falling and Flying, Melbourne MC 360’s star has only continued to rise. With a killer knack for mixing together his own razor sharp flows over dubstep, electro and hip hop based beats, he has developed an addictive hybrid sound all unto himself. With the Annandale packed in to bursting point tonight, safe to say the formula’s been working.

Catching the end of Prime, who as I arrive have a decently packed room cheering and shouting when they ask if we’re here to see 360.

Melbournites Grey Ghost are next up, and after catching this hyperactive indie-hip hop outfit, it’s a safe assumption we’ve just witnessed some talent that can’t and won’t be ignored for much longer. After dedicating a song to those of us who are on their mobile phones a bit too much (bit embarrassing really, when you’re scribbling said quote into said mobile phone), their ponytailed, front man has everyone in the room eating out the palm of his hand- especially when he launches himself on top of the bar to perform Gold Chain. Grey Ghost are the perfect blend of indie rock cool and hip hop attitude and their on stage energy has the crowd at just the right peak for 360’s arrival on stage (and by peak, I mean breaking point).

After three chants of “three-six-ty! Three-six-ty” go up, the man himself explodes onstage and straight into Hammerhead, which prompts an entire room sing-along.
With an affectation for using the c-bomb as a term of endearment- “you c**ts look sexy as shit” he proclaims before kicking into the infectious Just Got Started which gets the sweaty throng of limbs in the front row in full swing again.

Peppering the interludes between songs with banter like “It’s cooking up in this bitch, I’m getting sunburned”, 360 has an uncanny knack of endearing himself to you immediately, telling us “we don’t need Josh Pyke, we’ve got Sydney up in this bitch” as he leads into Throw It Away. As well as songs from Falling and Flying, we’re treated to tracks from his infamous mix tapes, and No Matter What I Do (sampling Fleet Foxes) is greeted to rapturous approval.

Also on stage with 360 is MC Bam Bam, who has featured on ‘60’s mix tapes, and we’re treated to a track off his own recently released mix tape which has an eruptive electro bass beat under some super smooth flows. After launching into Killer that starts up yet another mosh pit, ‘60 closes with another track off his mix tapes which features a drum n bass re-work of Pass Out and with a “Peace out, love you”, he’s gone again.

If it’s one thing you do in the next few months, make sure you catch the juggernaut that is 360 live.


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