Symphonix and Broken Toy @ Roxanne Parlour, Melbourne (18/11/2011)

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Symphonix’s prog brilliance was showcased in Melbourne on Friday night. Very rarely does Sirko come to Australia to play, with this being only his second time.

His fluid style of pumping progressive trance was music to the ears of the partygoers – as he came on, the seats suddenly emptied as people got up to dance, the party now in full swing. The intensity of his set was constantly lifting, an element of his music I enjoy. Beginning with his own tracks and ending up DJing with some well-selected tunes, his precise German style and choice of beats clearly impressed the crowd. I danced my socks off and thoroughly enjoyed the club vibe, especially towards the end as the dancefloor was packed and the people were loving it.

Suddenly, Ben Evans exploded onto the main-stage with his hard-style-esque psytrance. If you weren’t awake before, you were after the first bass drop as his pumping psychedelic beats infused your body with goodness. The dancing got progressively furious as the psy fans emerged from the woodwork. To many, the Offworld party was considered a ‘rebel’ party for people who weren’t going to the festival on that weekend, Shine On.

The night progressed with full-on psytrance with a great set from Broken Toy. His music lifts you up and is very driving, throttling you forward into a realm of mystery; I particularly enjoyed his breakdowns and build-ups, one of his best qualities. The similarity between his sound and Protoculture’s (older sound) is definitely there for me personally, with both of them coming from South Africa. There was some large sets on the side of the dancefloor that perhaps weren’t very psychedelically friendly. Think of Saw III: Heads bobbing on springs from a jack-in-box type contraption. Not a personal favourite, but was interesting nonetheless.

It was an awesome party with high quality progressive trance and psychedelic trance music. I am a bit biased as Symphonix is one of my favourite artists but his set was awesome, along with full-on psy that continued through the night. Also, I commend Roxanne Parlour as the air flow and sound has significantly improved since I was last there.

The party was run in conjunction with Strawberry Fields festival, which is happening this weekend. I’m very excited as everyone at the Offworld party mentioned will be playing – so if you missed this event, be sure to get down to Strawberry Fields. Hope to see you on the dancefloor!

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