Planet Cream @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide (27/04/2012)

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While the Adelaide Entertainment Centre may have seemed an unusual choice of venue for Creamfields event Planet Cream, on the night of April 27 it made for a smooth running of events.

Arriving rather late by my standards, I came through just in time to get into Dirty South in the main room. It was amazing walking through the stalls to see just how many people packed out the Arena, and it didn’t take long for me to make the trek downstairs to get amongst it. Dirty South started progressive with electro hooks, and while it wouldn’t be him without that gritty element, he also managed to play a team of remixes and mash ups to keep everyone happy. The clear crowd favourite before he progressed into his filthier repertoire was Florence + the Machines You’ve Got The Love, filtered beyond belief until the warm trance drop.

What impressed me most about his set was that nothing could make you predict the next track, the next genre or even progression he was going to make. He also managed to leave a few seconds of space for relief before he threw some other precious dirt our way. Won’t Stop til it’s Over was another crowd screaming track and with this in mind, it’s no surprise the set was more of an anthems event than that consisting of grimey bangers. Yep, I was satisfied!

I made myself drop any preconceptions about David Guetta before attending the event because let’s face it, who wants to attend a music event only to be a hater? The entry display certainly set the mood, with NOTHING BUT THE BEAT scrolling down from the heavens; it was a rather accurate description of what was to come. I was expecting a platter of cheese the whole set; you know, the ‘auto-tuned’ Fetta, the ‘Oh Baby’ style Brie, and let’s not forget the ‘Grind Against Me’ Camembert. But instead, he tastefully selected great openers, paying homage to Adelaide’s’ talent by showcasing Sia, with collaborative track Titanium.

The next thirty minutes was made up of non-vocal tech music, though that didn’t stop the crowd throwing out ‘whoop whoops’ like it was the phrase of the second. With that in my stride, I thought I’d go check out the other talent. I finally got back for the end of Guetta’s set, in time to catch Levels mashed with Somebody That I Used to Know.

I dodged my way through the crowd to see Giuseppe Ottiavani but he was straight on a hard-prog flex and I was still in dirty anthem mode, so I went to check out the Star Stage, which was host to some electro and the gateway to the outdoor smoking area. Still, listening to Insomnia and My Feelings For You re-mashed was a welcomed change of energy.

For all those who weren’t the teeny boppers, it was the moment of the night most had been waiting for: Above & Beyond. I find it hard to know what to say about a trance crowd when they’re really into the music, the moment, the love… But how could you? When you have a crowd of about five thousand people belting out the lyrics Don’t Forget About a Thing Called Love, it really speaks for itself.

There were plenty of more moments of magic too: fist pumping storm troopers, people waving foam LED batons, even an English flag being used as a cape, cooling device and something to hug people with! It was very sweet to see people holding hands and singing along to all the big tracks. Of course there were some special appearances like Prelude and the revisited classic Air for Life. Ah! Although, one of my highlights of the day was watching Adelaide’s special talent Johnny Concept. Rather than playing his usual electro-clad tunes he deviated to dubstep, playing until we all got booted out – ain’t that the spirit!

Some of the bigger festivals this season attracted a more aggressive crowd, so what I appreciated about Planet Cream was the more friendly faces it attracted: the music lovers and happy people. It was great to be amongst so many – DJs and patrons alike – there for the music.

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